Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I went down to the "Bush Bash/Anti-War" rally that was billed as a CSNY "concert." When Anna talked me into it, she just wanted to see a '60's or '70's "classic rock" act. Neither of us thought that it would be a political concert, but we should have known better. They featured 7 of Neil Young's "new" songs, including "Let's Impeach the President."

I wonder, why are the others along on this tour? CSNY hasn't put a song out in around 30 years, so they have nothing new as a group to promote. They must just hate Bush and the whole "war" thing enough to help Young "protest" him/it, and make some money while they're at it. I'm sure they care about all of the dead soldiers, whose images they showed on the screen behind them, at least as much as the Iraqi civillians that they showed on blurry green video tape.

Or was it the green in their wallets they see?

They didn't seem happy with the response from the crowd, which was subdued, thanks to the "dry arena" and "no smoking" restrictions put on the audience. I don't think that CSNY would attract too many rowdy drunks, but it could have been a policy of the Jones' Beach theater, which is an outdoor venue. Further, the audience wasn't fully seated when the concert started, because of awful management of the crowd at the entrance.

I screamed "BUSH ROCKS!" twice, and "IN IT TO WIN IT!" once, but the music was loud when I did it. I flipped the bird at them during an earlier "anti-Bush" song. Several others yelled various things, like "WAKE UP, NEIL!" at quiet times of the show, and were heard by everybody. I had a strange compulsion to say "Hey, Aaaaaa-BOT!, (from Abbot & Costello), at some of the slower moments of the second set. I didn't want to say anything political, but wanted to wake them up.

I'll pass on writing an actual review of the concert, though these are my first thoughts about it. There was no "encore," either, as Neil Young looked like he wanted to smash his guitar, at the end. I got a laugh out of it, seeing these old farts not accomplishing their mission to bring back the '60's anti-war fervor.

PS: They should have had Cindy Sheehan as a special guest, especially if they wanted to sell less tickets. I love a bunch of the classic rock songs by these guys, together and individually. The political stuff from the '60's should not be applied, updated, or changed to reflect this decade (which they had sense NOT to do in at least one song; "4 dead in Ohio") but this cheesy stench permeated much of this concert.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't think CSNY would be political? I'm glad you donated to the anti-war movement. Bush Rocks, Ha! Sure he does.