Saturday, February 26, 2005


The other night I was watching the Newshour with Jim Lehrer. During a mediawatch segment, a newshour contributor made a comment about a Mr. Gannon being a gay escort for hire. This smearing would be unacceptable if directed at a liberal such as congressman Barney Frank, whose boyfriend ran a ring of gay escorts out of his basement. That Mr. Gannon went by a pseudonym, and worked for a small conservative news outlet seem to be enough to demonize him for things that usually don't faze liberals. PBS is supposed to hold a higher standard than the gossip columns or "blogosphere" that they hold in such low esteem. Well, some fat old bald white guy with glasses just screwed that all up for them. Jim Lehrer immediately tried to control the damage, but to think he did not know what was going to be said is asking too much. It is comical to watch a liberal media organization go down the tubes trying to emulate what it thinks is being done to it by the "new media". Is Lehrer taking his lead from Bill Moyers, who decided to drop his veil of "objectivity" and openly shill for the left? Moyers got rich on the public dime doing the same thing, but eventually had to quit juicing the PBS money train before becoming so open about his hatred of Bush and conservatives in general. I've watched Lehrer since the late '70's, when my father watched the half hour "MacNeil/Lehrer Report". I can honestly say that this is the lowest type of political smear I have ever seen on his show, though PBS has broadcast much worse on other programs. Mr. Lehrer ought to purge his broadcasts of unsubstantiated and irrelevant claims unless he is willing to explain them in detail, in a fair and balanced way.
From Andrew Sullivan, a quote:

"Just ask yourself: if a Catholic conservative blogger had found out that a liberal-leaning pseudo-pundit/reporter was a gay sex worker, had outed the guy as gay and a "hooker," published pictures of the guy naked, and demanded a response from a Democratic administration, do you think gay rights groups would be silent? They'd rightly be outraged. But the left can get away with anything, can't they? Especially homophobia. "

Sullivan hits the nail on the head about homophobia. The fat old bald white guy with glasses on the Lehrer Newshour show has catered to the lowest of human hatreds. I can't believe they continue to employ a person so stuck in political prejudices and biases that he would make such sleazy comments on the Newshour. Lehrer ought to be educating the liberals about respecting all humans, gay or not, and their points of view, liberal or conservative.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Newly minted DNC Chairman Howard Dean has stepped in it again. Fresh off his "I hate Republicans" statement, he comes out telling the African American caucus that the only way the Republicans could get so many Blacks in a room is if they invited "the hotel staff". He's off to a good start, and it's only been a week. Had he been the Dems' nominee for President, Bush would've gotten double the percentage of Black voters than he got against Kerry. The Dem congressional leaders are disavowing Dean as having "no power over policy", as if that means anything to Joe or Jane swing voter. On a more realistic level, the unified front of Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi is a bland alternative to Howard Dean's boisterous charisma. The battle between them for control of the party will be public and prolonged, as Sen. Hillary slides towards "moderation", waiting to fight for her turn in power. The pieces are set on the board, now let the games begin.


I LOVE THIS!!! Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, the most bipartisanly respected person on economic matters in the government, testified to Congress that using Social Security taxes to fund private accounts is a GOOD THING! Of course, the mainstream media has emphasized his caution to do it slowly, and concern about the debt it will incur. His actual testimony hit on all the notes that Pres. Bush hits: fostering "ownership"; being able to pass the whole thing on to your survivors; the better rate of return than the current system. He said one line that I find the perfect rebuttal to two frquent Democrat talking points: "It's risky to do nothing". This beats the Dems arguments that Soc. Sec. is not in crisis and that the stock market and other private investments are risky. After so many years of the Dems twisting his usually cryptic remarks to their advantage, I don't see them getting around the thrust of his remarks this time. The Republicans will be quoting him and using tape of him in their promotion of this sensible policy! Write your representatives and tell them you want a personal savings account!

BOMBSHELL! IRAN welcomes SYRIA replacing IRAQ in AXIS of EVIL

Following the historic elections in Iraq and the Palestinian Authority, the Axis has responded. The bombing assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri appears to be Syria's application/contribution to the Axis' war against freedom and democracy. On cue, Iran formally welcomed Syria to the "club" with a public declaration of mutual defense. A clearer view of the strategy behind the war on terror would be hard to find. President Bush's liberation of Iraq has brought another "shadow player" out into the open. People who follow events in the Middle East have known of Syria's terror connections for years. However, Pres. Bush did not include Syria in his "Axis of Evil", and has publicly portrayed Syria as being "helpful" in the war on terror. This changed to calling them "not helpful" during and since the Iraq invasion. All this pretense came to an end this week. Any hope that Syria might be diplomatically pressured to turn on the very terrorists it sponsors literally blew up with the attack on Hariri. Lebanon is a puppet state of Syria, and Harari was the puppet government's leading critic. His campaign to get Syria out of Lebanon is what makes them or their agents the most likely suspects. Syria's President Assad immediately blamed it on Israel, but even the talking heads on Al Jazeera reportedly don't take that seriously. There is pressure for an international investigation, which may or may not be a good thing. If the US has a leading role, it could help. If the UN is in charge, be sure we will never know the true culprits. By the accounts I've read, this man Hariri was a good man, and Lebannon's best hope for self-determination and democracy. As I mourn his death, I see the changes he worked for gaining momentum after his violent end. Syria may have gained a relationship with the terrorist mullahs of Iran, but it has planted the seeds for both of their regime's downfall by it's actions in Lebannon.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

WARD CHURCHILL and the LEFT'S BIG PROBLEM: Equating America with EVIL

Ward Churchill is a professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder who wrote a detestable essay comparing the 9/11 WTC victims to "little Eichmanns", a reference to Adolph Eichmann, one of Hitler's main instruments of genocide. This is an educated man, who presumably meant what he wrote. Listening to him in interviews, he stands behind his words. He sees people who worked as chefs and waiters, as well as the high chiefs of finance, as Evil. He is a "Native American" America hater, getting paid by a State government to condemn this whole nation for what? Every evil in the world, apparently. Here's where this "token" radical becoms a problem for liberals, and Democrats in general. The ideology he professes is the same as theirs, just a stone's throw more radical. They will condemn his "Eichmann" remarks, but still think that our Capitalist society "oppresses" the world, and that we deserved 9/11 somehow. Listen to Ted Kennedy's latest remarks, or those of Kerry in his recent "Meet the Press" interview. Both of them mistrust our goals in Iraq, and profess that mistrust to the world every chance they get. They sound like apologists for the war on terror, almost asking for something worse to happen. What happens when a guy like this Ward Churchill gets alot of press is his overall views get examined. This is not flattering when you have 2 Democrat Senators expressing a similar overall view of America very publicly the same week. For too long, liberals have been equating the US with whatever despotic ideology we have faced. The Bush administration is routinely referred to as "Nazi" or "Fascist". Communists were actually infiltrating America from WWII on, spreading propaganda that Socialism was good, and Capitalism was evil. The liberals still haven't recovered from the belief that Capitalism is more evil as Communism was eventually proven to be. They still believe every wrong in the world can find it's root in the US, or some other western Capitalist culture. This is why they will fall into a further minority in coming elections, as they paint themselves closer into the corner with the wrong Mr. Churchill.

CONTRARY VIEWS: Good blogs that I differ with.

After mentioning Edmond's blog, it was brought to my attention that I have visited alot of sites that I disagree with also, and I haven't mentioned any of them. The one with the most character is RED STAR COVEN, by a guy named Walton in So. Africa. It's linked in the title, and is worth the read. He's a self described "super-radical, anti-authoritarian communist", and I have to admit our early exchanges were somewhat critical. Though we still disagree on most things, it is fun to find the occasional issue we can find agreement on. Some other blogs that are more straight up anti-Bush or Republican, but are fun to check out, are The Progressive Mind and Bush - Catastrophic Failure for the Common Man & Mother Earth . I recommend them as places to find out what the liberals are blogging about, and to leave tasteful comments NUKING their positions! Enjoy!