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Let me preface this post with this image from the Peace Moonbeam Chronicles. Howdy Doody lives!


Hat tip to Rush Limbaugh, for the take on Kennedy that inspired this post.

Sen. Ted Kennedy wants to make illegal immigrants the subject of the Dems' next "civil rights" crusade. I say let him, if he can so easily dismiss the concern of so many millions of Americans who were repulsed by the recent protests, including most Black "African-Americans." (as opposed to some white African-Americans, like Tereza Heinz) Ms. Malkin has great a post about the protests. I should give the protesters credit for also waving US flags, though fewer than Mexican flags, but I can't. A guest on O'reilly compared it to the St. Patrick's day parade. The ugly part wasn't shown widely, to say the least.

This is Kennedy playing the same note that both Hillary and Chuck (Schumer- the other NY Senator) played a few weeks ago, when they both appeared in front of Irish groups. (Hat tip BobG.) Let's just say it isn't a coincidence. Go into any Irish pub in NYC, and you'll find illegal Irish wait staff, and illegal Mexican dishwashers, busboys and cooks. The Irish have even more of a vested interest in this whole "illegal" debate.

The Irish have been beneficiaries of politicians (like Kennedy) for years, getting preferential regulations for Irish immigrants; ones that are easier to skirt than for most other immigrant/visitors. Now, the Mexicans/Central Americans are seeking parity with the Irish immigrants, and using that as a "civil rights" action, or a "race based preference" as a cause. The difference is that Mexicans don't have the political power of the Irish lobby yet, though they are a huge potential constituency, in Ted, Hil, and Chuck's eyes. That's their ticket back to the majority!

Meanwhile, the Republicans worry about losing the Latino vote. They shouldn't. They shouldn't accept half-a-loaf on this issue, as they did under Reagan. I say three-quarters of a loaf will suffice. Further ideas on this reform bill coming up in future posts. This is the teaser: it will also relate to my post outlining the illegal immigration debate.

To wrap this all up, if Kennedy wants to "supplant" African Americans with Mexican or Latino Americans in the Democrat party, who am I to stop him? I'm a Republican, not a racist. Further, how long will it be until a majority of Mexican-Americans will support building the wall? Once the workers here illegally are "documented," and declared legal in some way, they will have to assimilate, whether they want to or not. I think that the tipping point is already passed in the Latino population, not to mention well passed by the Irish. Kennedy looks like a priveledged Irishman trying to further exploit class differences for his party's benefit.

I don't support Ted Kennedy's proposal. McCain is the front Republican collaborating on this reflexive, backward-looking legislation proposed in the Senate. Let's see what comes out of the House-Senate conference. This debate is just heating up here at LEAVWORLD, after the first few rounds of rhetorical bloviating on the subject, most of which I've ignored.

A final hypothetical question, if I bought the racial point of view: Why was the Spanish conquest of South America somehow superior to the Franco-Anglo conquest of North America? Why would Anglos give up territory to Latinos, who are descendants of another European power?

Linked at STOP THE ACLU Weekend Linkfest! Lots of good stuff there! Read it!

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I researched the Congressional Record dated Wednesday, September 20, 1961. Very important information relating to the ACLU and it's Communist/Socialist ambitions.

Dr. Fredrick Schwartz, executive director of the International Christian Anticommunism Crusade, "Communist Legal Subversion," page 75, House Committee on Un-American Activities: "Any attempt to judge the influence of Communists by their numbers is like trying to determine the validity of the hull of a boat by relating the area of the holes to the area which is sound. One hole can sink a ship. Communism is the theory of the disciplined of few controlling and directing the rest. One person in a sensitive position can control and manipulate thousands of others."

FBI Director, J. Edger Hoover called Communists, "Masters of Deceit". He continues, "Fronts probably represent the party's (communist) most successful tactic in capturing non-Communist support. Like mass agitation and infiltration, fronts espouse the deceptive party line (hence the word "front"), while actually advancing the real party line. In this way the party is able to influence thousands of non-Communists, collecting large sums of money, and reach the minds, pens, and tongues of many high-ranking and distinguished individuals. Moreover, fronts are excellent fields for party recruitment." The FBI director, people!

And how does this tie into the ACLU? I'm getting to that. The two co-founders of the American Civil Liberties Union are Roger Baldwin and Crystal Eastwood, both confessed socialists. Roger Baldwin was on the record of over 100 Communist front affiliations. In an article that he wrote for "Soviet Russia Today"(September 1934), "When the power of the working class is once achieved, as it has been only in the Soviet Union, I am for maintaining it by any means whatsoever." He goes on to say, "The class struggle is the central conflict of the world, all others are coincidental." He also wrote in a book commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Harvard graduating class of 1905 (in 1935), "I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control of those who produce wealth: Communism is the goal."

Dr. Harry Ward, the first chairman of the ACLU, was linked to over 200 front affiliations of the Communist Party. And was the chairman of one of the largest front organizations in this country, "The American League for Peace and Democracy." Which was placed on a list of subversive organizations by the Attorney General of The United States on June 1, 1948. Dr. Ward authored two pro-Soviet books, "Soviet Democracy" and "Soviet Spirit", which garnered him an investigation by the California State Senate Fact Finding Committee on Un-American Activities. The Committee stated on page 246 of their report, "The Communist affiliation of Dr. Harry F. Ward is indicative of the Communist sympathies of the members and sponsors of the 'Friends of the Soviet Union.'"

Since this history is far reaching, I will continue this subject in tomorrow's main posting. I don't wish to overwhelm my readers with too much information. But should you wish to read up on this subject further, you can read the entire Congressional Record for September 20, 1961, by clicking on the title of this post. It is rather eye opening.

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Parts TWO, THREE, and FOUR linked here, when posted.

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I feel it only proper to give props to Dr, Sanity's Carnival of the Insanities, which linked to LEAVWORLD in the third link of the 21st item of their most recent "carnival" post.

Mostly as a tribute, but also because I'm lazy, I am pasting their whole post in an INSANE way, but please still click on all of the links. The ones I have read already all are great, or funny, or both.

1. Antiwar, but Pro-Mercedes! Suggesting that we should make cars, not war perhaps?2. A case of identification with the aggressor? Meanwhile real women are escaping the wreckage; while Yale rewards the wreckers. (hat tip: JAJ)3. Property of the state. Soon it will be just numbers.4. Racism may take many shapes, but appeasement requires only two letters: UN.5. Perhaps they aren't "whiny" but they are jobless...6. How do you say "shocked!" in French? More shocking news.7. An outbreak of discretion in the MSM? Or just trying to hide some uncomfortable facts? Things like this tend to make me puke.8. A Mediocre Media Carnival? It will surely be innundated with entries!9. 29 Reasons Why America Sucks...10 . Sounds like the investment worked.11. You don't bring her flowers and she'd like to know why. Leave her a comment, you cad!12. Vietnam provides some perspective on Iraq (really!); and here's someone who provides us with the MSM's perspective on terrorists.13. Stealing language and Trademarking the word "the".14. The etymology of moonbaticus americanus, commonly referred to as a "moonbat".15. Whatever you do, don't get trapped in this "web of love"!16. The latest in paranoid chic on the antiwar circuit. Oh, wait! I meant antiwar fashion chic17. The Poison Ivy League?18. Yummy! And they're in season!19. So, if she doesn't take this job, does that mean she's going to run?20. Poetic justice for an overly clever lawyer!21. Out of the mouths of [Hollywood] babes ... out of the mouths of "credible sources"; and finally, out of the mouths of babies.22. Ramsey Clark has just won this prestigious award! Good for him.23. Looking for Mr. Goodsperm.24. Research (?) into the habits of modern college students.25. People get drunk in bars? Who would have predicted that? Perhaps they are waging a pre-emptive war?Carnival of the Insanities can also be found at The Truth Laid Bear's √úberCarnival.

Thank you. Dr. Sanity! You rock, and I hope to actually submit something to you in the future, though I'm glad that you mentioned me without an actual submission. I'm also glad to be noticed by you, because you probably have more readers than MSNBC has viewers, and I dissed them when they mentioned me. LOL!


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From The American Thinker:

J. R. Dunn’s three part series on Jihadi strategic alternatives is must reading. Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 provide an unequalled briefing on the future of our Long War with Jihadi terrorists.

I've just finished part one, and decided to post all three links here. As with everything I've read there, it's a well thought analysis of a given situation.

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It's been too long since I blogged about Social Security reform, probably because of the frustration I felt after the Blogger Alliance for Social Security Reform gave up the fight. It was pretty much a dead issue, or so I thought. That's probably why I didn't notice any mention about this amendment that would accomplish the basic elements of good reform until it had been voted down. Though frustrated again, I did find some good reporting about this amendment after it's defeat.

The amendment was sponsored by Sen. DeMint (R-SC), with Sens. Crapo (R-ID) and Sununu (R-NH) co-sponsoring. It's official Statement of Purpose: To establish a reserve fund for Social Security reform. According to Sen. DeMint's press release, "the... Amendment to Stop the Raid on Social Security would allow the Senate to pass legislation with the following requirements: Social Security surpluses must be used to help pay for future benefits; That it make no changes to the benefits of those Americans born before January 1, 1950; That it provide a voluntary option for younger Americans to obtain legally binding ownership of a portion of their benefits." These are the aforementioned elements of good reform.

Some good quotes from the release: "The late Senator Moynihan once characterized the raid on the Social Security surplus as embezzlement—and that’s indeed the case," said Senator Crapo. Sen. DeMint said "It is outrageous that we are robbing from retirement funds to pay for wasteful spending, and I urge my colleagues to join me in stopping this abuse." I'm with these gentlemen 110 percent. My only question is "Why wasn't this on anyone's radar until it's defeat?"

From all appearances, it was a shot in the dark, possibly a "test the waters" kind of thing. After the bad MSM reporting on Pres. Bush's "non-plan," Sen. DeMint may not have wanted alot of publicity surrounding this. The fact that it was an amendment, and not a bill, speaks to this, being a common way of "backdooring" legislation that wouldn't get through as a stand-alone bill. The fact that it lost by 5 votes shows that this idea is not dead, just deadlocked in a partisan stalemate.

[NOTE: The Library of Congress website has a discrepancy with the Senate website. The amendment was to S.CON.RES.83, "An original concurrent resolution setting forth the congressional budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2007 and including the appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal years 2006 and 2008 through 2011," according to the LoC site. The Senate's website has a link that says S.Con.Res. 83, but actually links to S.2083, "A bill to prohibit the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security (Transportation Security Administration) from removing any item from the current list of items prohibited from being carried aboard a passenger aircraft," sponsored by Hillary. What's up with that? I hope our senators aren't getting their info from the Senate website. I encourage you to check the Senate and LoC website links for yourself.]

Either way, it's a damn shame that this amendment didn't pass.

The breakdown of votes is interesting, to say the least. Liberal Sen. Voinovich (R-OH) was the sole abstention, and 8 Republican senators actually voted against the amendment. Hat tip to Tim Chapman at the Town Capitol Report, who obligingly posted this list of all the senators who voted against this progressive reform:

Akaka (D-HI) Baucus (D-MT) Bayh (D-IN) Biden (D-DE) Bingaman (D-NM) Boxer (D-CA) Burns (R-MT) Byrd (D-WV) Cantwell (D-WA) Carper (D-DE) Chafee (R-RI) Clinton (D-NY) Collins (R-ME) Conrad (D-ND) Dayton (D-MN) Dodd (D-CT) Domenici (R-NM) Dorgan (D-ND) Durbin (D-IL) Feingold (D-WI) Feinstein (D-CA) Harkin (D-IA) Inouye (D-HI) Jeffords (I-VT) Johnson (D-SD) Kennedy (D-MA) Kerry (D-MA) Kohl (D-WI) Landrieu (D-LA) Lautenberg (D-NJ) Leahy (D-VT) Levin (D-MI) Lieberman (D-CT) Lincoln (D-AR) Lugar (R-IN) Menendez (D-NJ) Mikulski (D-MD) Murray (D-WA) Nelson (D-FL) Nelson (D-NE) Obama (D-IL) Pryor (D-AR) Reed (D-RI) Reid (D-NV) Rockefeller (D-WV) Salazar (D-CO) Sarbanes (D-MD) Schumer (D-NY) Smith (R-OR) Snowe (R-ME) Stabenow (D-MI) Talent (R-MO) Wyden (D-OR)

The people named above just voted to keep taking our FICA taxes in the name of "Social Security," and spend the "surplus" as if it was regular income tax money, or "general fund" revenue. When people see FICA tax on their pay stubs and tax returns, they assume that the money paid goes into a Social Security Trust Fund. There is no such thing, as noted in DeMint's release: "The current Social Security system allows Congress to spend the Social Security surplus on other government programs. Including interest, Congress has raided $1.7 trillion from Social Security since 1985. The surplus now only consists of IOU’s stacked in a vault in West Virginia that can only be paid back by raising taxes or cutting spending." Alas, this is the truth that is being ignored.

Take note of the names on this list. These Senators are not looking out for their constituents, and need to be voted out of office. They are no more than common theives, and ought to be ashamed of this vote.

PS: I also noticed that while Pres. Bush fielded a question about SS reform in a recent press conference, he didn't give any public support for, or even mention this amendment. Once burned, twice shy I guess, though he may not have been notified about it. Robert Novak reports: "This 46-to-53 vote was not another instance of Republicans' rebelling against President Bush," confirming my suspicions. The media was also nowhere to be found on this before the vote, but that may have been part of Sen. DeMint's plan. Mr. Novak calls it "a little-noticed move," but it made more than a little ripple in the water here at LEAVWORLD.

(My best South Park impression...)




Today the American Civil Liberties Union issued a press release which is featured on their website's "Newsroom" page that is titled, " ACLU Hails Rhode Island Department of Education Efforts to Stop the Use of Harmful "Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage" Curriculum in Public Schools". Only the ACLU and a liberal state like Rhode Island could find abstaining from sexual activity harmful.

The fact is that abstinence is the only form of birth control and STD prevention that works 100% that it is employed. By practicing the ultimate in safe sex, NO SEX, no children are unnecessarily slaughtered in the name of choice, no drugs are being used in order to prevent pregnancy for the sake of promiscuity, and no one will need to be treated for sexually transmitted diseases. So what is the ACLU's difficulty with teaching this effective form of birth control? Homosexuals in this nation cannot be married in any other state than Massachusetts. And no other state except Massachusetts recognizes marriages performed to same sex couples. If abstinence is taught as it should be, as the ONLY effective form of birth control and STD prevention, homosexuals will not be receiving the indoctrination that the ACLU believes that they should.

By accepting that teenagers are going to have sex before marriage and taking a position of defeatism in the war to prevent this from occurring, we are then telling teenagers to go ahead and have sex. This is akin to telling your child not to shop lift but if they are going to anyway to not get caught. Then teaching them methods on not getting caught as opposed to teaching them to just plain not do it.

Abstinence is not harmful, it is the only truly safe and healthy program out there. Condoms don't protect against Human Papilloma Virus or Herpes. Hormonal birth control don't protect against STDs and is only 92% effective (this means if you have sex 100 times, you have an 8% chance of getting pregnant even with the pill when taken as directed.). And we all know how many women forget to take the pills. Add to that the dangers when artificially changing the hormonal balance in a woman's system can lead to increased chances of cancer and heart disease.

Fact - Condoms break, leak, and do not protect against HPV or Herpes. Some people are have allergies to latex.
Fact - Birth Control Pills don't protect against STDs and mess with the hormonal balance in the woman's body.
Fact - Herpes is transmitted by skin contact and requires no fluid transfer.
Fact - A fetus is a living being called a baby not tissue or a parasite.
Fact - Abortion has been linked to increased occurrences of Breast Cancer.
Fact - Post abortive women experience a high rate of depression and repeat abortions.
Fact - Some risks associated with abortion include internal bleeding and infection.
Fact - The only way to avoid these complications is to not have sex and the ACLU calls teaching this fact harmful.

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This one deserves to be more widely publicized:

MOM TURNS IN SUBWAY "MUGGER." --NY POST print edition (it might be online, but they have registration, so a link would be lame here, anyway.)

A teen gunman who carried out a string of brutal Bronx subway-station robberies was busted yesterday - after his mom turned him in, law-enforcement sources said.

The mother acted a day after cops released a photo of Brian Ballard, 18, saying he was suspected of five robberies at three stations in the Melrose section in the last two months.

Ballard was arrested at his mother's house on Evergreen Ave. in the Soundview section, the sources said.

The teen, who has prior arrests for criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana and robbery, punched and mugged riders inside the stations, police said. --Erika Martinez.

Moral: In this home, mother knows best.


Amy Ridenour's National Center blog takes on the New Republic over "universal health care" here, with a follow-up post regarding the uninsured here. I've not written often about health care, mostly because it's such a complex topic. Luckily, Ms. Ridenour has some enlightening links that support my thoughts on this issue, particularly this one (PDF file). She describes it as "a brisk survey of the history and results of socialized medicine worldwide by Canadian economist Pierre Lemieux." There are some good facts in this report; things that are worth reading. Check it out.

Socialized medecine, or a "one-payer system," is not the way to go. Eventually, everyone pays in some way.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006




I hate to have to write this, but it has to be written. Beautiful children's minds are being corrupted with racial hatred, and their parents are profiting from it. The Gaede twins have a pop band, and Miss Ashante is a poetic prodigy. The parents promote their children's careers. These young girls are the true victims of racism, because they are predestined to continue this cycle of hate.

Autum Ashante (-or is it spelled Autumn Ashante?) is a 7-year old child, home-schooled by her parents (according to the
NY POST-free registration required- see below for more on this). I heard it reported on MSNBC that they are members of the Nation of Islam, but I can't confirm that elsewhere. This young lady gave a recital of her poem, "White Nationalism Put U in Bondage." Some excerpts:

"Black lands taken from your hands, by vampires with no remorse."..."They took the gold, the wisdom and all the storytellers. They took the black women, with the black man weak. Made to watch as they changed the paradigm of our village."... "Yeah white nationalism is what put you in bondage. Pirates and vampires like Columbus, Morgan and Darwin." (That's
JP Morgan, a famous "robber-baron," for those of you who went to public school. To be honest, I didn't get it right away, either.)

From the reporting of Tucker Carlson, I learned that she asked the Latino and Black students to stand, and specifically requested that the White students remain seated. The intent here was to promote "unity," after a day of riots between the two groups in the school. Now, I'm not 7 years old anymore, but the thought of healing divisions between races with common hatred of another race flies in the face of everything I was raised to believe.

The flip side of this coin are
the Gaede twins, who have a pop band called "Prussian Blue." These young ladies have been raised believing in "White nationalism." The Telegraph reports it this way: "Miss Gaede has brought her daughters up on racist beliefs using textbooks from the 1950s. She is separated from their father, who is said to have similar views and has a swastika on his belt buckle." I didn't bother trying to confirm this elsewhere, after my fruitless search for info on Autum's family.

An excerpt from their song "Aryan Man":

"When the man who plows the fields is driven from his lands. When the carpenter must give away what he's built with his own hands. When a mother's only children belong to her no more. And black masked men with guns come bashing down the doors. Where freedom exists for only those with darker skin. Where lies and propaganda will never let you win. Where symbols of your heritage are held with such contempt, and benefits of country 'cept tax are you exempt

Aryan man awake, How much more will you take, Turn that fear to hate, Aryan man awake."

Prussian Blue's popularity precedes their MSM exposure; their racist parents marketed them to the "White Power" fringe, which can make you some money, I guess. Ms. Ashante's parents have been promoting her since she was very young, listing almost 70 performances in this web post, when she was 5 years old. It also reveals that she wasn't "home-schooled" two years ago: "At only 5 years old, this small wonder is already in the second grade in school. She has been a constant member on the honor roll since pre-kindergarten days and speaks fluent Arabic and Swahili and is working on the Spanish language."

The fact that the MSM hesitate to call the Ashantes "racist parents" is attributable to what passes for tolerance these days. I'm not feeling tolerant right now. They are going to turn this young girl into a Black version of Prussian Blue, except that the White Liberal Media (aka MSM) are giving her parents a pass for twisting their daughter into another popular racial "bomb-throwing" poet. (She's been praised by Emiri Baraka, ex-poet Laureate of New Jersey, who blames Bush and Jews for 9/11)

The only silver lining in this story is that none of the actions of any of the people in this story are illegal in the USA. All of the parents are entitled to teach their children these beliefs, and I am free to say whatever I think about it, as well. Hate speech is the hardest thing to defend, but it must be defended, if it does not directly incite violence. There is no law to stop this; not any hate crimes law, or any hate speech law (as in Europe); any such law would be unconstitutional here.

This is both the problem with, and the promise of America. All three of these girls are still young, and I have hope that they will grow up to repudiate their racist upbringings. I will pray for the souls of these three children of God, as I do for all of us sinners who stray from His path.

PS: By "sinners," I mean ALL of us. I have no moral standing to condemn anyone in God's eyes. I'm just pointing out what's wrong with teaching children to promote racial hatred, and that Blacks are as susceptible to it as Whites are. I'll leave it to NYC Councilman Charles Barron to dispute that opinion. "You know, some days I get so frustrated I just want to go up to the closest white person and say, 'You can't understand this, it's a black thing,' and then slap him, just for my mental health." God bless him, 'cause he needs it at least as much as I do. Both the blessing and the slap, thank you.

Please check out all the links, and decide for yourself.

Photo credits NY POST and UK TELEGRAPH.


Michelle Malkin - "MEET THE 7-YEAR-OLD RACIST POET," and "7-year-old poisonous ‘poet’ is in demand" from JWR.

BUCKHORN ROAD - "Racism is Universal"

NPR: "Mixed Signals" - good comments!


NEWSHOUNDS - Sean Hannity’s Latest Target For Bigotry: A Seven-Year-Old Girl

UPDATE: Since I"ve been getting alot of comments about slavery on this post, I'm posting an excerpt from Dr. Thomas Sowell's latest column, Are Facts Obsolete?

Facts that go against preconceived notions are likely to be ignored, even by many scholars. For example, slavery is an issue that is widely discussed as if it were something peculiar to Africans enslaved by Europeans, instead of something suffered and inflicted around the world by people of every race, color, and religion.

Two books about more European slaves brought to North Africa than there were African slaves brought to America have been published in recent years. They are "
Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters" by Robert Davis and "White Gold" by Giles Milton. Both books have been largely ignored by the media and academia alike -- and the first went out of print, less than 6 months after being published.

Apparently scholars, as well as journalists, have made up their minds and don't want to be confused by the facts.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


IRAQ: The Avengers

I am publishing this drawing from 04/24/03 now, in conjunction with a post from a blog called Strategy Page. I don't know if his facts are correct or not, but it made me think of this drawing. The Shia are doing the work that I have the DEATH SQUAD (an anonymous fantasy group created by myself and some nameless friends) do in this cartoon.

It's also interesting that I called it IRAQ WAR: Pt. II. Did LEAVWORLD see the coming insurgency? --OF COURSE I DID! I knew that the only way to end the influence of the enemy is to kill them, as well as they did! This is all old hat to me. I wrote an email around the date of this drawing, titled "Palestinian strategy in Iraq."

The question is now, who will win? My money's on the Shia and Kurds, with a diplomatic settlement in the wings, once Zarqawi and his boys have been executed. Saddam's execution will help as well.

Notice that we have lost less troops in Iraq than in any other engagement of this duration, in the history of this nation. Now the Iraqis are taking over, and doing the things I cite in my cartoon, for better or worse. The truth is that we didn't go there to die, but our enemies did, including the Iraqi Saddamists.

One further thought: When So. Africa was liberated from apartheid, who cared how much participation Whites had in Mandela's government? Why are the Sunnis so important to running Iraq?

If this is civil war, then let 'er rip! It may be the only way for democracy and freedom to prevail, but it's not pretty.


Friday, March 10, 2006


This from the AP:

LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) - The death of a 4-year-old boy whose throat was slit by a low-flying kite string coated with glass has prompted authorities to forbid kite-flying in eastern Pakistan.

The edict came as the city prepared for the weekend festival of Basant, which features residents celebrating spring's arrival by flying thousands of colorful kites. Some reinforce the strings with wire or ground glass for dueling other kites and betting on who wins. When strings cross in the congested sky, the winner cuts loose his opponent's kite.

At least 19 people died and 200 were injured before and during Basant last year.

Wow. Talk about your cultural differences. I grew up flying kites in Central Park, but we never "fought" with other kites. I certainly never heard of putting ground glass on my kite string. Perhaps they could have banned that practice, instead of banning all kites.


Apologies for the one day delay, but work demands come first.

I have a question for the ACLU, and for Fox News' Andrew Napolitano Are they lumping "searches that are made to look like break-ins" with covert operations to plant bugs, or computer taps? I have a problem with the former, but not with the latter. I know the ACLU to be against any searches, but Judge Napolitano's take on the Patriot Act startles me. If he is correct in his estimation of the abuses permitted under it, then I hope the re-authorization corrected the problems he cited.

I don't think that the ACLU sees the deeper reasons for following up on every lead in terrorism investigations. Do they know about every threat to every citizen of the U.S? I don't mind if the government sees my computer trail, if it helps to find a potential terrorist.

There have been more than a handful of "lone wolf" terrorist actions over the last 10-20 years, including the Empire State Building shooting, the Brooklyn Bridge shooting, the El-Al - L.A. airport shooting. Let's not forget the most recent attack, by an Iranian graduate of UNC, with degrees in Philosophy and Psychology. He tried to kill 9 people with his SUV, and told the police that it was a politically motivated crime. With intent to kill, that should be defined as terrorism.

I've had about enough of this crap! The ACLU is working to protect potential terrorists' rights to plan more attacks right under our noses. This worries me more than the Dubai ports deal (Still, it only takes one nuke to change that opinion). Port security is a very serious matter, but if the ACLU defends terrorists already, I wouldn't count on them helping to avert ANY terrorist attack, large or small.

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I've been in a little blogging slump, lately. To help keep things interesting, here are selected recent posts from Bob G. over at Sweet Spirits of Ammonia. Thanks, Bob!

First Amendment Rights Attacked, ACLU Where Are You? -Isn't it a "civil liberty" to advertise as an "English-speaking American" landscaper?

The Sheriff And The Cardinal -re: Illegal immigrants. One wants to apprehend them, the other wants to hide them. Looks as if the Cardinal is asking to get locked up!

Sunday Funny, ACLU Holiday At Hand -I might join in this celebration!

Ann Coulter And Free Speech -Features a truly chilling letter to Syracuse University's newspaper, regarding Ms. Coulter speaking there.

Castro's Camelot Exposed By Czech Photos -a Czech model exposes Castro's AIDS coverup.

Disturbin' The Turbans -Anti-Mullah rap music in Iran!

I've Looked At Life From Both Sides Now -Photo: Jean Francois Kerrie at the Waffle House. LOL!


For some heavy laughs, see Dr. Sanity’s "The Love Song of J. Alfred Kerry"

Sen. Kerry, release all of your records!

Hat tip American Thinker.

Join the "Free John Kerry's 180" Blogburst every Tuesday. Details avilable at Cao's Blog.

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Courier Press

Rep. John Hostettler, R-Ind., called veterans who belong to the American Legion to fight again, "to defend our sacred liberties."

"This battle will be fought with letters, e-mails, phone calls and personal visits," he said.

The enemy? The American Civil Liberties Union.

Hostettler was speaking Tuesday to 700 members of the American Legion who are in Washington for an annual convention. Tuesday afternoon, many of them went to lobby their representatives, and Hostettler's bill, the Public Expression of Religion Act, was on their list of requests.

Hostettler told the crowd that Gibson County's Ten Commandments display challenge began because "a local strip club owner said he was offended. If he meant it troubled his conscience, the monument is a benefit to the community."

Chuckles rippled throughout the hotel ballroom, and then applause.

Ultimately, the display was held to be constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.

But often it goes the other way. Hostettler said, "The more cases they win, the more this false right is reinforced."

Hostettler told the group he has failed to get the bill made into law in four consecutive congressional sessions, and this is the fifth time he's tried.

"We need to pass PERA, and we need to pass PERA now," he said. He urged American Legion members to spread the word to their friends that they oppose "the ACLU and their minions who would enrich themselves at the expense of our Constitution."

Hostettler closed the speech by saying although the ACLU wouldn't like him saying so, "May He (God) continue to bless the United States of America."

This is important legislation that needs to be passed. YOU need to contact YOUR Representative and tell them to support this. You can read about PERA here. Now, seriously, contact your representative. You can find their contact info here.

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What do China and Wafah Dufour have to do with Dubai? The Chinese government has a controlling interest in a large percentage of US ports, since the 1990's. Wafah Dufour is the neice of Osama Bin Laden, trying to make a career as an entertainer in the US.

China's government has a 50-year plan to eliminate the US, or surpass us in geopolitical power. They want to do this covertly, in a sophisticated way. Ms. Dufour's uncle, while currently hiding in a cave, has spearheaded the pre-eminent threat to the US and worldwide security since the end of the cold war. In the face (and threat) of his power and influence, she has taken refuge in our Hollywood culture. (Yes, the same one that I disparage here so often)

Dubai's situation has similarities to both; first, it's a state-owned company, like the Chinese companiies. Second, the "family member" who's a terrorist, like poor Ms. Dufour.

First, in a monarchy, family members actually get political positions out of birthright, regardless of their political beliefs. This leads some to worry that the alliance of that country may change, or that it may have a 5th column (that's terrorist supporters, for the MSM followers).

Britain has elected as heinous individuals as birthed by any Middle East monarchy.

Exhibit one: British MP George Galloway, who was caught receiving money in the Saddam-UN Oil-For-Food Scandal. He was elected, but does he represent all of Britain? Hardly, yet he continues to speak as if his voice is that of the British government. He recently had to apologize for some antics on a British reality show, but that was just to lighten up his image. He didn't apologize for hating Britain as much as his Islamist constituents hate him, even as he fights for their right to destroy Britain.

Dubai probably has more political "Princes" that think like George Galloway than Britain does, for sure. If Galloway was open enough to have his photo taken with Uday Hussein, I'm sure that also applies to a few of Dubai's political Princes. They must be a minority, because so much western influence is permitted there. This is where China and Wafah come in...

We have all but buried Communism, and yet China, and their puppet North Korea, continue to threaten us with nuclear attack, if we don't "go with the flow" of their long-term plans. Think about the recent history of our relations with China: Nixon re-opens "constructive" contact with China; China allows the sale of Coca-Cola, translating it as "tastes happy"; US opens relations with China, foremost in education; China massacres thousands of students at Tianamen square, tearing down a sculpture modeled on the Statue of Liberty; China accepts limited free-market economic reforms, but no political reform; China pays off high US government and private sector officials; China gains 20 years of nuclear and missile technology advancement; China buys operation of the Panama Canal, as well as most of the port of Long Beach, CA, among many others nationwide; China sponsors the "6-party talks" to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

Some faction of the Chinese government is a certifiable enemy of the West, the U.S, and all that we stand for. The anti-US faction in Dubai is smaller, as is that nation's investment in our ports. I would gamble on them before the Chi-Coms, who are already in the door, without incidents, in the short term. If Osama has infiltrated Dubai Ports, we'll find out sooner than any Chinese threat will be manifested, unless China supports Al-Queda.

Wafah Darfour is exactly the opposite. She embraces all we in the West stand for, even if some may find her music or photo offensive. I'm sure no-one in the west is as mad as Osama is about the photo above (apologies for lack of credits, but I saved it some time ago). This woman has taken a definitive stand in the war on terror, and it's not with her uncle. This may be one reason Hollywood has yet to embrace her fully.

There is more to this, and it also relates to the Dubai ports deal. Hollywood may be uncomfortable to embrace "Bin Laden's niece," just as politicians are uncomfortable embracing "Dubai" running port operations. The difference is security, but for what? Let's be (un) serious for a moment: Wafah could smuggle in a suitcase nuclear bomb as easily as DP World can. For that matter, China has had the capacity to do that for years, and probably will continue to, whether DP gets the ports deal or not.

The question is: Would they? The answer is: PROBABLY NOT, BUT NO-ONE KNOWS.

This is how Hollywood is treating Ms. Dufour. This is how we are treating Dubai. This is not how we are treating China, and Galloway still isn't in jail.

One politician like George Galloway in Britain seems like a joke, but enough political leaders that think like him in ANY country is dangerous. See France for an example, or the political reactions to the cartoon controversy around the world.

Four more questions:

What will happen to Wafah's career? What will happen to the Dubai ports deal? If it's rejected, will China be expelled from our ports as well? Will Galloway go to jail, finally? This is all still unknown.

PS: If Pres. Bush was the terrorist he is accused of being, he would have used suitcase bombs on the nations that the US opposes, like Iran, Syria, and North Korea. They must know that we have the capability to do this, and the threat must be as real to the leaders of those regimes as it is to the citizens of the US, and all other western countries.


This post was all about putting a photo of Osama's niece on my website, with some thoughts thrown in. I reserve the right to say that I meant the opposite of anything I said in this post, but will stand behind it 100 %, either way. That's 'cause I might be 100% wrong.