Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Danish Muslims Accept Cartoon Apology (NOT!)

There is a huge controversy erupting throughout a large part of the world over some cartoons published in Jyllands-Posten, a Danish publication. At the same time that REAL anti-semitism is resurgent in Europe, Muslims are claiming "anti-Islamism" over "offensive" cartoons. Why this isn't being covered by the US media is the obvious question. My take is that the US media knows that the US public would be on the side of freedom of expression on this one, especially in one of Europe's most liberal nations. There is really no way they can spin this as an assault on Islam, though I wouldn't put it past them to try in the future, hence their current silence on this story.

Read about it in full at PBS WATCH (Hat tip to BobG from SSofA). While many other sites have weighed in on this, I thought I'd put my two cents in with my own cartoon, using the title of this story from Dhimmi Watch as the caption (hat tip Jihad Watch)...though I wanted to write a caption more like "My right hand can't control my left!"

...aaah, there's nothing like throwing gasoline on the fire!

I hope that as you read all of the links there, you also Google "Piss Christ" by Andre Serrano, or Chris Ofili's "Holy Virgin Mary," to see the kind of abuse Islam needs to tolerate, if they want to join the modern world. PBS WATCH also links to a story about a young Tunisian playwrite, Ben Chikha, who was born and raised in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking north of Belgium. From Brussels Journal (story) :

"The poster for the play is probably meant to be funny too. It depicts the virgin Mary with a howling child and a bowl of blood. She is barebreasted and is sitting next to a shield with the arms of Flanders. As a muslim immigrant Ben Chikha is apparently allowed to use such images, which make fun of the Flemings and ridicule the religion many of them adhere to."

I wonder where all of our wonderful western liberals are on this debate, especially the killing and terrorist threat part. Look at the cartoons that these artists drew, and wonder why they were all so circumspect. Good thing I've got the Death Squad protecting me, but that's another story.

Europe is facing the brunt of this clash, and the US media is turning a blind eye to it. Does that sound familiar? Did someone mention Hitler? - or Ahmedinejad?

Update: I saw several MSM reports about this story today. Michelle Malkin has commentary on that, as well as the "THE "INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ANGER" planned for today (Fri, 02/03/06). Please read this, before you see the MSM reporting on it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I can see your smug smirks as you write your ignorant comments. I think the arrogance and the egotistical superiority complex of the west is most evident when showing their ass. Why can’t we respect the worship of others that differ from ourselves? Are we not civilized? Don’t we want to live in peace with different cultures? Does everyone have to be cloned in our image to be acceptable? Is this world going crazy?

Chris said...

Dear Anonymous, I am sorry if I offended you, but I am not sorry for my cartoon. I am merely refering to the situation surrounding this whole story. I respect Muslims' right to worship Allah and Mohammed. I do not respect the "right" to kill in their names, for any non-violent offense.

Name-calling, or defaming someone's religion are PROTECTED SPEECH in the USA. If "the West," or more specifically, Christians in the west, reacted the way the Muslim nations have to these cartoons, the world would really be crazy. We would behave as the Crusaders did, and subjugated the Islamic world to our will, if not committed genocide upon them, all for the "crime" of being non-believers, which is very disrespectful to our faith.

Luckily for us all, the Christian religion went through many reforms since the Crusades, which is what allowed the West to eventually develop the kind of tolerant democracies that exist today.

You may find my cartoon offensive, but it is in your own best interest that I drew it. Islamic nations need to grow up, and see the hypocrisy of calling others "infidels, blood-suckers," and worse, while not being able to tolerate criticism from those others.

I also find it funny that you leave an anonymous comment. I put my real name on this blog, and am willing to debate any comments that anyone considers offensive. I am still glad that you commented, but wish that you would speak in your own name next time.

Muslim Unity said...

You have crossed all limits. Why do you think all of us are killers? If you think that way, it might soon turn out to be true

Chris said...

I never said that all Muslims are killers. You have crossed all limits by saying that I said something I never said. I reject your criticism out of hand, as false.

I condemn people who kill in Christ's name, as well. Abortion clinic bombers, for example. I could as easily draw a cartoon telling God and Christ to tell their followers to stop the killing in reference to that issue.

The difference is very subtle. Anti-abortion Christians are making more advances politically since the extremists stopped bombing abortion clinics.

Fighting for anti-religious defamation laws can be achieved politically, but only with civil remedies. This can only happen after the threat of violence is removed. Think of Martin Luther King, Ghandi, or Anwar Sadat. Those were true martyrs, as opposed to today's "jihadist."

The cartoon represents the West's existence as "giving the finger" to Muslim extremists, while defending the rights of any person in the West to offend any religion, my previous promise of political relief notwithstanding.

Are these cartoons causing more Muslims worldwide to rise up and protest? Yes. Will it create more Al Queda recruits? Possibly, but not certain. The uprisings may be beneficial to democracy, in the long run, much like the election of Hamas as the new Palestinian government.

I care about human rights, and prefer to let God's judgement be carried out when we die. Many others draw, say, and do things that are deeply offensive to me, and I fight against them with all the tools at my disposal. What I drew was a rough, perhaps insensitive effort to further an already controversial debate.

BTW, Your comments caused my lovely fiance some distress, but I know that you blowhards are a dime a dozen. Go protest the infidels who kill innocents in the name of Allah and Mohammed, please.

Muslim Unity said...

Dear Chris,

First of all, I would like to tell you and your fiancé SORRY. I did not mean to cause any stress or fear. In no way were my comments meant to be a threat. You have mis-interpreted them.
Chris , all humans are my brothers and sisters. I like peace as much as you do brother. Just do not hurt and insult people's feelings

Muslim Unity

Chris said...

"If you think that way, it might soon turn out to be true."

How am I supposed to interpet that?

Gert said...

Your cartoon is not only badly drawn, its message isn't clear although it seems to be another attempt at more unneeded stereotyping. Going by the rest of your blog, I'm not surprised at the quality of your crappy toon.

What have you achieved here? We know that some of the Danish cartoons caused offence. You then proceed to produce one that's worse in quality (that's saying something) and can certainly be interpreted as even more potentially offensive. Your point being?

You think by throwing more oil on the flames you're actually contributing to the debate? Or was it just cheap tricks you were after? If you were trying to shock anyone, I'd give up now, your drivel is more likely to cause derision or yawning.

Then you start off all condescending in you comment to anon:

"You may find my cartoon offensive, but it is in your own best interest that I drew it. Islamic nations need to grow up, and see the hypocrisy of calling others "infidels, blood-suckers," and worse, while not being able to tolerate criticism from those others."

In his own best interest? Ding dong... can you hear your own thoughts? I certainly don't need anyone like you to fight my corner. Freedom of expression is wasted on people like you because all you can do is express yourself in slogans. Fanning flames has little to do with FEO. And don't start boring me with your right to FEO: you have it. Fine. Now try and us it responsibly.

I hope your lovely fiancé actually pissed herself, she deserves it for being involved with such a self-centred airhead like you. I'm sure you won't mind the insult...

Chris said...

Thanks for the unkind comments, Gert. I disagree with your characterization, of course. You are free to think (and say) what you like, and I am free to offend anyone I like on this page. I just hope that this exchange shows the proper way to show disapproval of free expression.

Thanks for helping make my point, Gert.