Friday, May 04, 2007


NY Gov. Spitzer "Becomes First Governor in Nation to Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill," according to this latest email I got from the NYCLU:

With the support of the Civil Liberties Union and an array of other progressive organizations, Gov. Spitzer introduced a bill to allow same-sex couples equal access to marriage. In response to the governor's April 27 announcement, Empire State Pride Agenda Executive Director Alan Van Capelle said: "Governor Spitzer stands with scores of state senators and assembly members who support marriage equality. He also stands with hundreds of leaders of faith from across the state and hundreds of thousands of union members from some of the state’s largest labor federations on this issue of fairness and equality. The state legislature now needs to get behind the majority of New Yorkers who believe it’s time to act to end discrimination against loving same-sex couples and our families."

Unfortunately for the NYCLU, the numbers just aren't there to pass this bill, in either house of the legislature. If the Governor cared about equal rights, he would have proposed "civil union" legislation, instead. That wouldn't have been the "non-starter" that his "marriage" bill is. Why did he come out with this divisive bill, at this time? Here's why:

Gov. Spitzer procaimed himself a "steamroller" before the election. He was, at that time. Since his election, he has been "steamrolled" by both the Rep. Senate, and the Dem. Assembly. He hasn't handled this well, and has turned to the left, trying to make his next defeat a cause celebre, on the national stage. I don't see it helping him much, with allies like the NYCLU.

The simplest take on this is that, much faster than the previous occupant of the office, Gov. Spitzer seems to be "owned" by the liberal interests. Any "reform" of the corruption in Albany is a far-away dream. I think that his "everything changes" theme has been replaced by "kiss the boot of the most left-wing cause you can find." The worst part is that true progress could have been made, with a more moderate bill. New Jersey has civil unions, already.

The "same-sex marriage" bill looks like another diversionary political tactic. Has anyone else noticed that NYS Att'y. Gen. Cuomo's first "big" investigation is of colleges across the nation, who get "student loan assistance" from banks with branches in NY? How is it that the NY AG has the resources to subpoena college officials from around the country, but not look into political influence peddling in Albany? Wasn't this both his and Gov. Spitzer's mandate? Not anymore.

Neither of these guys have any more concern for changing the corrupt system in Albany than they have for the rights of same-sex couples. They have one mandate: staying in power.

Politicians like Gov. Spitzer are getting support from "non-political" groups like the NYCLU on an unprecedented scale, in the internet age. The email excerpted above is an example. I write posts like this to expose the incestuous relationship between the NY/ACLU, and liberal politicians like Gov. Spitzer. Politicians are slaves to the corrupt special interests, which in NY are of a severely liberal bent.

As for the Albany corruption, it won't change. That was among the foregone conclusions of the last election, and one which I predicted, along with Spitzer's "coronation." I secretly held out some hope that he could get some bipartisan support for real change. My bad. Instead, I get NYCLU promotions of my Governor dodging the real problems in NYS with an ill-advised political grasp to the left.

The NYCLU, their associated liberal groups, have their new pawn: Gov. Spitzer. I can only hope that the voters of NYS will see this as the naked political ploy that it is, and condemn him for it.

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