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This is an outrageous story, which just keeps getting stranger. First, some background: in 2003, NYC Councilman James Davis was gunned down in City Hall by a political rival.

Four years later (2007), the city council was divided over naming a portion of a street after the late Sonny Carson, a self-described "anti-White" activist. Councilman Leroy Comrie of Queens abstained, along with several other council members. The measure was defeated.

After the council rejected the measure, Councilman Charles Barron's chief-of-staff, Viola Plummer, said this about Comrie: ""If it takes an assassination of his ass, he will not be borough president in the borough where I live."

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is White, suspended Ms. Plummer, without pay, for six weeks, after weeks of researching all legal alternatives. During that time, Councilman Barron defended his chief-of-staff, saying that she meant "character assassination," or "assassinating" his political career. I saw him on Neil Cavuto's "Your World" show, spewing this line.

There is more, from the NY Post: "In addition to the suspension, Quinn has also asked Plummer, Barron's chief of staff, to sign a document promising to 'conduct herself appropriately in the future and to cease being disruptive in the Council Chambers.'"

It doesn't end there, though. Ms. Plummer has filed a $1million lawsuit against Speaker Quinn, charging "racial discrimination, defamation, harassment and retaliation."

From today's Post: "A federal judge yesterday balked at the city's attempt to play Emily Post by forcing an embattled staffer for City Councilman Charles Barron to sign a letter agreeing to be courteous - or be fired."

"How do you decide what's discourteous? Who decides that?" Manhattan federal Judge William Pauley asked a lawyer for the city.

City attorney James Lemonedes argued that Plummer had been disruptive during the City Council session that day, claiming she ignored instructions to keep quiet and "continued to shout, yell and interrupt City Council members as they were speaking."

But the judge fired back, "People have certain First Amendment rights. They need to know where the boundaries are."

After consulting with city officials during a break, Lemonedes told the judge Quinn's office would draft a new letter focusing only on Plummer's future conduct while the City Council was in session.

Councilman Barron continues to defend Ms. Plummer, attacking Quinn, the first woman Speaker of the NYC Council. Some quotes, from the NY Post:

Barron charged that the speaker had "overstepped" her bounds.

"We're not bowing down to white supremacy," Barron fumed. The speaker, he said, has "gone crazy."

"She is drunk with power, so she's liable to do anything."

Might that not apply to Ms. Plummer, as well? I mean, she only got a six week suspension after calling for the assassination of a council member! What will happen when her lawsuit is rejected for the frivolous nonsense that it is? On June 6th, she said this: "I could care less. I'm 70 years old... do you really think that I would be concerned about a job at this point in my life?" She obviously does care, or she wouldn't have filed the lawsuit.

Councilman Barron, and Ms. Plummer have a point of view that I consider racist, and fascist. Calling for, and defending the call for the assassination of a political opponent is fascist, and doing so over abstaining from taking a "racial litmus test," like the controversial Sonny Carson street naming vote is racist. Their statements seem to back up my opinion.

All of the politicians mentioned in this post are Democrats. In NYC, they have a virtual monopoly, as shown by the "selling" of judgeships by the Brooklyn Democratic party, among many other scandals. The judge in this case is federally appointed, but apparently sympathetic to the "radical fringe" of the Democratic party. I don't think "freedom of speech" applies, when it's only intent is to silence other speech, much less at a city council meeting.

There are more strands to this story, believe it or not, but you can see them in the "related stories" part of the pages I've provided links to. One story that deserves to be looked at is the reaction of Geoffrey Davis, brother of the late James Davis. Here are two relevant quotes, from the Post:

"For her to have uttered such a statement only yards away from where my brother, the late Honorable James E. Davis, was murdered is heartbreaking."

"Barron said he was shocked that Davis was so offended."

I'D LIKE TO GO SLAP BARRON UPSIDE THE HEAD, BECAUSE HE JUST DOESN'T GET IT! - to paraphrase Councilman Barron, of course.

As I said at the top, a strange, and outrageous story, indeed.

Update, from the NY Post's Page Six column: (posted here 07/10/07)

July 8, 2007 -- AFTER a bid to name a street after race-baiting activist Sonny Carson was blocked by Council Speaker Christine Quinn, FM talk station WBAI has made her Public Enemy No. 1 - but the campaign seems to have backfired. Sources say the station is losing audience due to hosts who've used "racist, sexist and homophobic" slurs when discussing openly gay Quinn on air. Our regular listener says the worst offender is Father Lawrence Lucas, who serves on the station's board and has made "the worst comments out of everyone. They are anti-white and homophobic remarks. "He calls her a 'nasty lesbo.' A lot of listeners have started calling in and complaining." The on-air anti-Quinn tirades began in early June after a bill was introduced to rename four blocks of Gates Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant after Carson, who led the racist boycott against a Korean deli in 1990. Quinn opposed it, calling Carson "anti-white" - just as Carson described himself. "The public outcry against these comments demonstrates there is no tolerance for hatred and bigotry in this city," said Quinn's rep of the name-calling. WBAI did not return calls.

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