Thursday, October 11, 2007


There they go again. The NYCLU sent out an email containing the following excerpt:

Then, on September 21, Governor Spitzer announced his plan to expand access to New York State driver’s licenses to hundreds of thousands of immigrants living in New York. This was a tremendous step for public safety, for immigrants’ rights and for the civil rights of all New Yorkers. The policy will enable some 500,000 New Yorkers to emerge from the shadows and become full contributing members of society and the economy, building trust between undocumented communities and law enforcement.

Take a moment to thank the governor for taking action to promote public safety, safe roadways, and civil liberties for all New Yorkers by clicking here.

Now, this is not surprising, but it brings up several questions. First, won't this make it harder for employers to screen out people who are here illegaly, opening them up to legal sanctions? I hear my friends on the left saying that the feds should "go after" the greedy corporations who take advantage of the cheap labor that illegals provide. Isn't Spitzer making this exploitation easier? Does anyone think that an employer who doesn't intend to hire illegal workers will get any less penalty because the person has a valid NYS license?

Gov. Spitzer calls opponents of his plan "the rabid right." This excerpt from the NY POST puts that theory to rest:

Meanwhile, in Albany yesterday, Spitzer dismissed much of the opposition to his plan as being fueled by the "rabid right" - despite the fact that a number of Democrats, including Koch and Suffolk County Executive Steven Levy, oppose the measure.

Freshman state Sen. Craig Johnson, who owes his current seat to Spitzer, also came out against the plan.

"We set a policy that is good for public security," Spitzer said. "The rabid right that wants to pile on and use this to demagogue the issue will not carry the day in New York state."

Spitzer also said he will not bow to pressure to back off his plan.

"Those who view this as a political issue once again are taking the state in the wrong direction," he said.

I'd like to turn Spitzer's statement on it's head. It appears that the people that support his license plan are actually "the rabid left," as evidenced by the "thank you" form letter sent in the NYCLU email. They are a political interest group, masquerading as a civil rights' organization. Spitzer has unmitigated gall to say this is not "a political issue." He, and his cronys are taking this state in the wrong direction!

Spitzer, and the NYCLU are out of touch with regular liberals on this one, as well. Every liberal I know thinks this is a bad idea, and I know quite a few liberals, here in NY. What is going on here is Spitzer taking a radical left turn, because of heat from the right over his "troopergate" scandal. Unfortunately, he's stepped into a larger controversy, over the illegal issue. This will not divert attention from "troopergate," but bring more media attention.

The NYCLU is the main chapter of the ACLU, which purports to stand for the American Civil Liberties Union. Am I the only one that sees Spitzer's license plan as violating the rights of every legal immigrant, visitor, and citizen? Are special, extra-legal rights to be conferred to people from other nations who reside here in violation of civil law? This is basic stuff, without even touching the security arguments. Will a US citizen be able to get a NYS driver's license without a SSN, as well?

This point may be moot, however, once the final parameters for the REAL ID act are announced. Spitzer is sucking up to the NYCLU on this now, because he knows that NYS is already not in compliance with the first draft of the DHS rule enforcing it. See this link to understand how the REAL ID act is being applied through the DHS bureaucracy. The ACLU, of course, will oppose it in any form, with constant legal challenges.

This is another reason the ACLU, and the NYCLU are widely known to be "rabid left" institutions, that ought to be opposed. They, and Gov. "steamrolled" Spitzer, are WRONG on this license scheme, whatever their motivation. NY's Chicken Gov. has gone "home" to roost, and crow from his left-wing nest that he's "fighting the good fight." BLARNEY! (or BALONEY, as most NYers say it)

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UPDATE: See my next post, SPITZER'S "GOVERNMENT BY VENGEANCE" MAY CLOSE MEDICAL CLINIC (Young and Poor Hit Hardest). This governor symbolizes the cesspool of NY politics, and I intend to continue exposing him.

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BobG said...

It makes me proud to be member of the rabid right and an ex New Yorker. I lived in NY and California and watched the out of control left-wing lunatics drive both great states right into the toilet. They're trying it here in Arizona too, but haven't succeeded yet.