Friday, October 26, 2007


"Bush wants to take us into a war with Iran." HULABAZOO! This is a "scare tactic" from the left. I love it that they aren't terrorized by the thought of a nuclear weapon in Iran's possesion, than the thought that Bush might authorize a war with them over it. It's not going to happen.

This has become a political football for the Dem primary candidates. Obama accuses Hillary of giving Bush "cover" for an invasion with her vote declaring Iran's Republican Guard and Al Quds Force terrorist organizations, but he wasn't there for the vote.

I have to side with Hillary on this one. The truth is that these organizations are responsible for the Shiite terrorists in Iraq, as well as linking with both Sunnis and Christians in Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority, especially the Gaza. They fund Hezbollah, Hamas, among other terrorists.

Let's look at the "sabre-rattling" done by other world leaders recently. Ahmedinejad just called the nuclear issue "closed." Putin resumes "cold war" military flights, meets with Ahmedinejad. Bush is just rattling a bigger sabre. Anyone who thinks we will invade Iran before Bush's term ends is a bigger fool than they assume George Bush is.

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