Friday, August 31, 2007

WHAT ABOUT LARRY CRAIG? The Bisexual Question Raises It's Ugly Head Again

Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho, a Conservative Republican, has contibuted immensely to a national debate that has not yet begun, in earnest. What about bisexuals? If gays have the right to same sex marriage, what about people who want to have a partner of each sex? Even if gay marriage is codified into law, these people will be condemned to finding sex in rest rooms, or other places, outside of their legal marriage vow.

Why must a man or woman be restricted to one spouse? Men are allowed multiple wives in many cultures, but have never been allowed to have husbands. Women have never had the right to marry other women, either. Should we accept multiple marriages, if it allows same sex marriage as well? Where does the gay community come down on these issues that Sen. Craig's predicament raises?

As I said above, this debate has not yet begun, and with good reason. We're not ready for it, but it's a debate that will be had, eventually. Bisexual rights will not be ignored, after the "straight gay" agenda becomes the status quo. The "B" in LGBT stands for bisexual, just after lesbian and gay, and right before transgendered. I predicted that the poygamists will join their cause, in an earlier facetious post.

On the flip side, women could have several husbands, and wives, without divorce. It looks like a win-win, and legalizes what many Americans are already practicing. Those same husbands/wives could have many other wives/husbands, and each of them could have as many wives and husbands as they want, etc...

This, or we condemn bisexuals and polygamists to bathrooms and bedrooms around the nation. Equal rights for every sexual orientation is the liberals' goal. Leave it to a conservative Republican to bring these issues to the forefront of the debate, in the runup to an election year. Sen. Craig may not be "gay," but he has brought attention to LGBT issues in the Republican party more than any Democrat could have.

PS: After spending the summer looking back on my own "crazy times," I thought this was a good story to pick up current political news with. Also notice that I posted a story called "Goodbye to Gonzo" a week or so before Alberto Gonzalez was finally canned. The post had nothing to do with the AG, but it was an interesting coincidence. I look forward to writing about politics again, hopefully more seriously, as I try to get back into it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Lost View: Images From the Top of the World Trade Center

These photos were taken from the top of the World Trade Center, before the terrorists destroyed it. They were taken by my friend Craig, as was the photo of me, from Ellis Island, with the WTC in the background. I hope to take new photos from the Freedom Tower, if they ever build it.

Until that time, this is a "lost" view, unless you're in a helicopter. Enjoy them, and have hope for the future. The USA is a great nation, and will prevail agaist the malefactors behind the 09/11/01 attacks. I have faith in this country, even if the IDIOTS in NYS can't get a structure built on "ground zero."


Marine Corps photos, from 1981-1983! The first pic is the final night of boot camp; the second is at NAS Millington, TN.; the last one is aboard the USS New Orleans, LPH 11. I tried to part my hair in the middle, which was a sin to "gung ho" Marines! I'm in the middle in the top photo, and on the right in the second one. I still like the last one best, with the "duh?" look on my face.
Finding these photos after so long has made this a fun summer, and recharged my batteries for writing again, I think. The only real vacation I took this year was from political blogging. I look forward to highlighting liberal hypocracy as much as I ever did.
Meanwhile, enjoy the ancient photos, and Semper Fi!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


I've just recovered some old photos of the Main St. Cafe, a club I owned with a friend from '90-'92. I've posted photos of Rick Derringer ("Rock and Roll-Hoochie Coo,"" Hang On Sloopy"), and Dave Mason ("We Just Disagree;" also a member of the '70's band TRAFFIC). See them on my NEXTLEAV blog. They were the nicest of the "classic rock" artists that we booked, and both gave great shows.

This is just the (most famous) tip of the iceberg, though. The Main St. Cafe was a huge part of my life, though only occupying a year and a half of actual existence. There are many stories to be told from that time, and they will be told on my NEXTLEAV blog.

The Main St. Cafe photos weren't the only things I found. There was old artwork of mine, and photos from my time in the USMC, and earlier. There are even older family photos, dating back to the 1800's. I'll get all of this posted, eventually.

Until then, I hope my lack of new original political posts can be forgiven, as I delve into a treasure trove from the past. Go see the Derringer-Mason post, over at NEXTLEAV! It's linked in the title of this post, and the first link in this post.
(PS: Appearing in the photo above, from L-R, are me, Muhumina, lamp!, John (my business partner), Emmet [laying on the bar], Doug, and Dave, bumping another lamp while dancing on the bar. You can see that we didn't have room to do it properly, which is why few girls danced on our bar. Still, we had fun!)

Thursday, August 02, 2007


This is a long one, but well worth reading! It got banned on Gather, when I tried to post it there! All the more reason for everyone to read it!

Crossposted from STOP THE ACLU, by LOBOINOK

In the following timeline, we will see apparent evidence of Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign understating over $750,000 in contributions to her 2000 Senate campaign, from one Peter Paul.

Evidently, Hillary’s campaign initially denied even knowing Peter Paul, and then later, admitted meeting him but never had a conversation regarding his contribution to her campaign.

Hillary Clinton will finally be under oath in the historic civil suit, Paul v Clinton in Los Angeles Superior Court. Voters are going to see the details of the greatest campaign finance fraud in history and the Clinton role in the collapse of Stan Lee Media.

It is going to take an army armada of bloggers to break the media blockade that has protected Hillary. It is time for TRUTH BOATING HILLARY.

Here is the TIMELINE that even the mainstream media can understand:


Feb. 2000 - Peter Paul is induced to support Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign with the promise of access to Bill Clinton to be able to make a proposal to come aboard Stan Lee Media as a rainmaker when he left the WH

June 9, 2000 - Paul pays for two Hillary Clinton fundraisers at Spago and the home of Cynthia Gershman … the costs are never declared by the campaign (note: a previous fundraiser through Rendell for Al Gore, paid for by Paul, was also never declared; Rendell also never declared a 150K stock pledge) … at the Spago lunch, Paul spent considerable time with Hillary and discussed his plan for her husband’s employment… see the 20/20 report from 2001…Amazingly, in her declaration of 4-7-06, Hillary acts as if she barely knew Peter Paul and claimed she couldn’t remember anything they might have said. Besides the email comments, Paul has video of her going on and on about how Stan Lee was a genius for hiring Paul. She is really excited about Paul’s idea of a cartoon character of Al Gore, and she wants to talk to Tony Coehlo and Terry McAuliffe about it. Her failure to remember is simply a lie.

June 23, 2000 - Kelly Craighead (a White House employee, not part of any joint funraising committee), Jim Levin, David Rosen (all agents of Hillary and Bill) meet with Aaron Tonken (agent of Paul and fundraiser for Ed Rendell) to originate the idea for a major fundraising event for Hillary as part of the Aug. 14-20 DNC Convention in L.A.

July 11, 2000 - conference call between Peter Paul, Tonken, Craighead, Wolfson, Levin, and Rosen in which Paul is solicited to pay for the Hollywood Gala….he is asked to pay $525K, and it is expected that Cynthia Gershman will pay a like amount….it was acknowledged by all that the fundraiser would cost over a million dollars

July 17, 2000 - Paul films the SMOKING GUN VIDEO. This video was withheld by an assistant US ATTY while investigations were proceeding. Hillary is shown soliciting and coordination the $1.6 mil in-kind, hard money donation. Kelly Craighead kept her completely briefed and she offered any help she could. David Kendall’s claim that this was a joint fundraiser, and thus hard money, won’t fly. Craighead was a White House employee who solicited the money on July 11. Hillary was part of closing the deal on July 17.

Aug. 12, 2000 - Hollywood Gala… it raises a million dollars for Hillary, but it cost over a million dollars…Paul spent several hours with Bill Clinton… here they are putting the final touches on the deal at the after concert dinnerLook at all the photos of the gala… Hillary actually said in her declaration of 4-7-06, “I remember Mr. Paul attending the event…” How insulting was that? Actually, she spent hours near him and publicly thanked him from the stage for all he did.

Aug 13 - Paul and his wife Andrea are at the home of Barbra Streisand for Clinton Library donors…when Hillary sees Andrea, she runs over to her, brings her over to Streisand, and introduces her as “the wife of the man who funded last night’s event…my new best friend”… Streisand’s testimony should be interesting… Chelsea came up to the table with Paul, Andrea, Tendo Oto, Oto’s interpreter Jonathon Rogers, Jim Levin, and Haim Saban. Chelsea discussed for at least a half an hour how excited she and her parents were about her dad coming to work for the creator of Spider Man… Hillary sets up her daughter for perjury

Aug. 13 - Tendo Oto and SLM make their deal for Asian partnership - Oto gives $5 mil and promises another $5-7 mil in November for the American joint venture…On Aug. 12 he had paid $27K to attend the federal fundraiser gala. Giving money was illegal. Attending was illegal. Since Oto had no social security number to check out when he showed up at the event with his camera crew, the Secret Service said no way. Clinton had the Secret Service stand down, and Oto sat directly behind the president and first lady.

Aug 14 - Ed Rendell calls Peter Paul in a panic. Lloyd Grove is preparing a story for the WASHPOST about Paul’s felony record for “The Cuban Coffee Caper” two decades previous when he was an international attorney in Miami. Rendell tells Paul to deny he gave any money and just play along. Shortly after the warning call, Grove called. Here is the callsheet from SLM, certified by the government as evidence.

Aug 15 - Lloyd Grove writes the story in the WASHPOST about Paul’s felony past from two decades previous involving the Cuban Coffee Caper and defrauding Fidel Castro of $8.7 million … Howard Wolfson vows that they would never take any money from Peter Paul

Aug 17 - Grove writes a second story about $2,000 given by Paul at Spago … Wolfson says they will return the money, and a check is immediately cut and sent to Paul … Wolfson actually admits that the gala cost a million dollars but says it was in-kind and not a check. (Ummm, in-kind is hard money, Howard)

Aug 18 - behind the scenes, while disavowing him in public, the Clintons write personal notes to Paul, dated Aug 18, espressing their gratitude … Hillary: “We will remember it always”Bill’s noteEven Chelsea got into the act.

Aug 24 - Campaign Finance Chairman David Rosen is directed to send a fax to Paul asking for another $100,000 (actually, one of several faxes) … Hillary had promised the money for the Working Families Party in New York … Paul will send no more money until he hears it face to face from Bill Clinton that they still have a deal (second document shows Gordon’s acknowledgement that it was “done”)

Sept. 22, 2000 - Clinton steps off AF-1 in Los Angeles (we have photo) and assures Paul that the deal is still a go … Paul has Steven Gordon send a stock transfer of $55K to the Working Families Party for Hillary… we can find no evidence that they ever declared that donation. If the Clintons were disavowing Paul in public, claimed he gave no money, and had no business arrangement with the President as claimed by Hillary, why would the President of the United States be meeting Paul in public as he stepped off AF-1? For what possible purpose? That’s not hard to figure out, is it?

Nov 7 - Hillary is elected

Nov 13 - just six days after Hillary’s election, an agreement for Venture Soft USA Inc is recorded in Illinois between Jim Levin, Clinton’s business adviser, and Tendo Oto … Levin was Clinton’s “eyes and ears” in dealing with Paul, got proprietary business information, and stole the Japanese partner for their own deal

Dec 2000 - Stan Lee Media collapses … the additional $5-7 million promised in November from partner Tendo Oto was not received due to the Clinton/Levin interference In Paul v Clinton, it will be proven that Oto’s money would have kept the company solvent until Clinton came aboard as he had promised Peter Paul.

Early 2001 - Paul discovers that the campaign has filed two fraudulent FEC reports, only reporting 366K for the cost of Event 39 … he spent over a million dollars on it

June 18, 2001 - Paul files initial lawsuit against the Clintons and several others for business fraud

July 3 - Treasurer Andrew Grossman is served with the lawsuit that includes documentation for $1.6 million spent by Paul

July 11 - David Kendall accepts service for Hillary along with the $1.6 million documented expenses

July 18 - press conference at National Press Club . Paul has messenger hand deliver a demand letter to Hillary’s senate office

July 30 - despite Paul’s demand and all of the documentation, a third false FEC report is filed … this time they declare $401K for Event 39 … still no mention of Paul as the real donor

Jan 2005 - criminal indictment of David Rosen is unsealed

May 2005 - Rosen acquitted in criminal trial in Los Angeles…the perjury in this trial was astounding…the judge and prosecutor went out of their way to condemn Paul and claim that Hillary had nothing to do with it is also astounding… FBI affidavit during the trial documenting $1.2 mil from Paul that was not declared. The prosecution does not call Paul, Aaron Tonken, or key witness Kelly Craighead (Craighead was also never called by the FEC - she will be a key witness in Paul v Clinton)…. The prosecution does not use damaging evidence against Rosen obtained while Ray Reggie (brother in law of Ted Kennedy) was wearing a wire. In Tonken’s book, KING OF CONS, he tells how he sat in a van with Hillary detailing all of the money that was being spent on her.

Dec 2005 - FEC determines that the campaign deliberately underreported $721,000, fines the campaign a mere $35,000, and orders a new filing…treasurer Andrew Grossman signs conciliation agreement with the FEC, the equivalent of a nolo contendre plea

Jan 2006 - thefourth fraudulent FEC report is filed … among the problems are Stan Lee (whom we have on tape in a deposition swearing that he gave no money) is credited with a 225K donation and Paul is still never named personally as the donor as he has demanded

April 7, 2006 - Hillary removed as defendant but judge made clear to Kendall that she would be testifying … the declaration turned into the court by Kendall for Hillary can only be described as a work of fiction … no reporters attended the hearing and not one mainstream media source wrote that a trial date had been set for defendant Bill Clinton (trial date postponed until appeal is heard to bring Hillary back in as a defendant) … Chelsea will be one of the witnesses called … although her mom claims no knowledge of the business deal, if Chelsea testifies honestly, she will tell how the family stayed up late after the gala playing scrabble and discussing the excitement of daddy going to work for the creator of Spiderman … from a private fundraiser at Zev Braun’s house in early 2000, Paul has home video of Hillary laughing and discussing with him how he had arranged in 1993 for Fabio to chase her around the room and pick her up in a romance pose…the president referenced that event the next year at the Italian-American Foundation Dinner…. her declaration claiming that she met Paul in early 2000 is simply a lie

June 2006 - Senate Ethics Committee announces it will not investigate Hillary and simply relies on the flawed FEC procedure … subsequently, they refuse Paul’s offer to appear and testity

Oct. 18, 2006 - new demand letter for return of over a million dollars is delivered to Hillary’s DC office with copy delivered to Sen. Voinovich, chair of the Senate Ethics Committee

Jan. 10, 2007 - Paul counsel files Appellate Brief to bring Hillary back into the case as a defendant (that delays the trial date for Bill, set for March 27, 2007…it also delays depositions)….no mainstream media source had reported that defendant Bill Clinton had a trial date in a case involving the collapse of Spiderman Stan Lee’s company)

April 2007 - after a two-year battle for the return of evidence, including home videos, an assistant US atty provides Paul with a list of items they will return to him…..included was the “smoking gun video”: July 17, 5-minute conference call, Hillary Clinton….. when the numerous pieces of evidence were finally sent, the shipment did not include that video…..Paul’s counsel argues vehemently for that to be sent….Paul believes that a low-level functionary screwed up by putting that piece of evidence on the manifest — Hillary never thought it would see the light of day…that video was finally sent because they could not deny its possession

June 20, 2007 - look at this page under “Latest Filings” for June 20 briefs and declarations

July 27, 2007 - court notification that oral arguments are set for Sept. 7 before the California Court of Appeals…. a decision on whether Hillary is brought back in as a defendant is expected within 10 days thereafter…. then, it is time for depositions…. if David Kendall loses, he may appeal to the California Supreme Court…..that court had earlier refused to hear the argument about removal of Bill Clinton from the case…. Kendall may be able to delay it for a short time, but depositions are expected to begin this year.