Friday, August 31, 2007

WHAT ABOUT LARRY CRAIG? The Bisexual Question Raises It's Ugly Head Again

Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho, a Conservative Republican, has contibuted immensely to a national debate that has not yet begun, in earnest. What about bisexuals? If gays have the right to same sex marriage, what about people who want to have a partner of each sex? Even if gay marriage is codified into law, these people will be condemned to finding sex in rest rooms, or other places, outside of their legal marriage vow.

Why must a man or woman be restricted to one spouse? Men are allowed multiple wives in many cultures, but have never been allowed to have husbands. Women have never had the right to marry other women, either. Should we accept multiple marriages, if it allows same sex marriage as well? Where does the gay community come down on these issues that Sen. Craig's predicament raises?

As I said above, this debate has not yet begun, and with good reason. We're not ready for it, but it's a debate that will be had, eventually. Bisexual rights will not be ignored, after the "straight gay" agenda becomes the status quo. The "B" in LGBT stands for bisexual, just after lesbian and gay, and right before transgendered. I predicted that the poygamists will join their cause, in an earlier facetious post.

On the flip side, women could have several husbands, and wives, without divorce. It looks like a win-win, and legalizes what many Americans are already practicing. Those same husbands/wives could have many other wives/husbands, and each of them could have as many wives and husbands as they want, etc...

This, or we condemn bisexuals and polygamists to bathrooms and bedrooms around the nation. Equal rights for every sexual orientation is the liberals' goal. Leave it to a conservative Republican to bring these issues to the forefront of the debate, in the runup to an election year. Sen. Craig may not be "gay," but he has brought attention to LGBT issues in the Republican party more than any Democrat could have.

PS: After spending the summer looking back on my own "crazy times," I thought this was a good story to pick up current political news with. Also notice that I posted a story called "Goodbye to Gonzo" a week or so before Alberto Gonzalez was finally canned. The post had nothing to do with the AG, but it was an interesting coincidence. I look forward to writing about politics again, hopefully more seriously, as I try to get back into it.

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