Thursday, August 09, 2007


I've just recovered some old photos of the Main St. Cafe, a club I owned with a friend from '90-'92. I've posted photos of Rick Derringer ("Rock and Roll-Hoochie Coo,"" Hang On Sloopy"), and Dave Mason ("We Just Disagree;" also a member of the '70's band TRAFFIC). See them on my NEXTLEAV blog. They were the nicest of the "classic rock" artists that we booked, and both gave great shows.

This is just the (most famous) tip of the iceberg, though. The Main St. Cafe was a huge part of my life, though only occupying a year and a half of actual existence. There are many stories to be told from that time, and they will be told on my NEXTLEAV blog.

The Main St. Cafe photos weren't the only things I found. There was old artwork of mine, and photos from my time in the USMC, and earlier. There are even older family photos, dating back to the 1800's. I'll get all of this posted, eventually.

Until then, I hope my lack of new original political posts can be forgiven, as I delve into a treasure trove from the past. Go see the Derringer-Mason post, over at NEXTLEAV! It's linked in the title of this post, and the first link in this post.
(PS: Appearing in the photo above, from L-R, are me, Muhumina, lamp!, John (my business partner), Emmet [laying on the bar], Doug, and Dave, bumping another lamp while dancing on the bar. You can see that we didn't have room to do it properly, which is why few girls danced on our bar. Still, we had fun!)

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