Friday, November 28, 2008


I am deeply disturbed by the terrorist attacks in India, and feel the deepest sympathy for the victims. I rode the Long Island RailRoad, and the "D" train on the NYC subway system on Thanksgiving, along with Anna. She saw the armed soldiers at Woodside, on Wednesday, and was very worried about a terrorist attack here in NYC on Thanksgiving, especially after the India attacks.

I tried to ease her mind about the threat to the MTA system, but she knew more about it than I did. I told her I wanted to write this post before we went to Brooklyn, so it would get a "gazillion" hits here if we were blown up on Thanksgiving. That didn't go over well with Anna, and we ended up arguing about how her daughter could claim my Gather points if we both died together. Talk about yer "bad jokes gone wrong!"

Seriously, the "threat level" has been upped, though I didn't see a single cop or soldier on our trip from Lynbrook to Brooklyn on Thanksgiving day. In fact, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Bensonhurst, and terrorism didn't "come up" in any conversations at the dinner table, though we talked about politics, and many other subjects. Of course, Anna and I talked about it into the early hours of Thanksgiving morning, before we boarded the train to Brooklyn.

Frankly, she's scared, on a daily basis, and I'm mad as hell.

The terrorist attacks in India have exposed another new head of the Hydra that Al Queda seems to continually sprout. I want to help my Indian friends grab the neck of this beast, and co-ordinate with us in cutting it's head off, and ripping it's heart out. I only have sympathy for the victims, not the terrorists, or their "sympathizers." On this issue, my lovely liberal Anna agrees with me. Death to the enemies of freedom.

The NYC terror attack was supposed to have several people take trains from several different locations on Long Island, Westchester, and possibly Connecticut. These people would all be carrying bombs, or other weapons, and converge on Penn Station, in Manhattan. At least that's what I heard from Anna...

I wish I could help my brothers and sisters in India, to end the current "situation." India has been on the front line of this war far longer than most people realize, of course. Events in India have a direct impact on our life in NY, which many Americans don't realize, either. We're all in this together, people. It's time we started acting like we knew that.

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Rosemary said...

Dear Chris, I'm glad you both are alright. I understand your frustration. I knew not of that happening in India beforehand, but I wrote about it a day or so before it happened. I just thought it was going to happen here. Africa: Unnoticed Threat. May God help us all. God bless you.