Thursday, March 26, 2009


Charles Grassley suggested that AIG execs commit suicide, and then Rep. Barney Frank wanted to publicize their names and addresses. It's time for a revolution in this nation, and I'm not scared to say it! Hating people isn't the same as opposing their ideas, or philosophy. I posted this radical image to show the base hatred in our politics today. Why did I want to put Barney and Chris' heads on spikes? They're not Osama and Sadam (who they replaced, from my original drawing). I'm mad as hell at these guys, and I have no other way to communicate it.
I wonder if this is what drove the Bush and Clinton-haters, and how common it must be among us to hate this way. Luckily, I'm just examining it, with an eye towards avoiding the "hate" trap. It is almost funny, if it weren't such a serious subject.

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CHRIS LEAV said...

Who can we vote for, anyway? Pols like Charlie Rangel advocate "public funding," but who decides which candidates "qualify" for public funding? "Petitions" is the usual answer, but will taxpayers fund every petitioner?

Maybe, in this modern age, we should have a reality show to decide the "top five" candidates to run for any elective office. How much worse can our elected representatives be, anyway?