Saturday, July 18, 2009


My heart is with the Honduran people, who overwhelmingly know that what happened to Zelaya was the right thing to do. (All of those who are outraged at this "coup," just imagine it was Pres. Bush being taken out of the White House.) I only wish we had some similar mechanism to remove the NYS Senate (I'd throw in the Assembly, as well.) from power. ALL of these clowns should go! The other two branches, as well as the Assembly are against them, yet they insist on creating a real statewide crisis over who will be in power in the Senate. Gov. Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg haven't distinguished themselves, either.

The NYS Senate isn't the only story that reminds me of Honduras. I think Zelaya got the idea from Bloomberg, who rewrote the NYC charter to get a third term; or maybe they both took the idea from the socialist game plan, as did Chavez. Term limits are a good thing, for no other reson than politicians hate them. Bloomy's been able to buy an attempt at a third term, and no-one wants to run against him, much less remove him by force. Still, I can't help but include him as an anti-liberty "authoritarian" political leader.

I think Zelaya's not as rich as Bloomberg, but he's got powerful friends, in the "international community." They're going to put "pressure" on the Honduran polity, and we'll find out how "representative" they are of their population. Meanwhile, NYC and state residents have less "representation" than the people of Honduras. I'm not kidding. Most NYS residents would support the NYS National Guard coming into the Senate and removing all of these clowns who call themselves legislators, or at least the ones under criminal indictment, like Sen. Hiram Monserrate.

Governor Paterson has brought NYS to another level of dysfunction. He came into office on the heels of a governor who used the State Police as his personal "political dirty tricks" squad, and isn't up to the job of "cleaning house." AG Andrew Cuomo is a much-favored challenger in the primary, because he has taken on a small part of the statewide political corruption. If he had any brains, he would've used the State Police to bust all of the corrupt politicians he could. If only. Fortunately, we won't need the State Police to throw Paterson out; he knows where the door is.

Before we judge the actions of the military in Honduras, we need to acknowledge that they were being directed by civillians. What legal authority did the Army obey, and the President disobey? The Supreme Court, and the legislature, as well as the Honduran Constitution. Here in NYS, we need to "blow up the political machines," with the force of our speech. One voice saying these things sounds like nothing. Thousands of voices saying the same thing is a political force.

We can learn something from their experience, my friends! "THROW THE BUMS OUT OF OFFICE, IN NY STATE!" In both parties!

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