Friday, October 23, 2009

NYS GOP Runs "WFP" Candidate in Congressional "Special Election," Snubbing Conservative Hoffman

Newt Gingrich should know better (link), but it's not surprising that some national and NY State Republicans have chosen Dede Scozzafava as the GOP candidate in NY's 23rd Congressional District, forcing a three-way race with a strong showing from the Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman. Ms.Scozzafava is an embarassment. She supports "card check" legislation, and was endorsed by the Working Families Party, the political arm of ACORN. Maybe this election could be decided by who can go out and get the most people to sign cards, instead of voting.

Interestingly enough, ACORN's political partner, the Service Employees International Union, has endorsed the Democrat, Bill Owens. While it looks like the lefties are "hedging their bets," there's also this Politico story (link): "'Chairman Steele hasn’t put up a cent, not even the obligatory $5,000,' said a New York-based GOP operative. 'There’s been no support from the RNC. Democrats are going all out for this race. Everyone’s in the same direction.' ...So far, the National Republican Congressional Committee has been Scozzafava’s only lifeline, spending $355,000 for ads on her behalf." I'm on Steele's side on this one.

Obama held a fundraiser for Owens in NYC (link), and "The Club for Growth has spent $146,000 with its own anti-Scozzafava ads — and has committed an additional $100,000 to the race," according to the Politico story. So she's being outspent from both the left and the right...this is a bad thing? It looks like the NYS GOP, and the NRCC are learning an age-old lesson of politics: when your party is a zombie-like mirror of the other party, your party is already dead. People are being driven to the right, as shown by Hoffman's numbers. Scozzafava should drop out, and endorse the election of a Conservative to Congress from the 23rd District of New York!

Barring that, the Democrat will probably win. I don't live in that district, so I don't have a vote. As a NY'er, though, I have an interest in my state's congressional delegation, as a whole. That's why I'm hoping against the odds that Doug Hoffman wins this special election. Even if he doesn't win, but beats Scozzofava, the NYS GOP leadership needs to step aside for some new blood. We just need at least 50 more "Hoffmans" to step up to the plate of NY politics.

There is a signifigant conservative presence in NY, both the city and the state. These are known as "disaffected voters," who don't bother voting, when there are no candidates that have conservative principles. Notice that Peter King remains in office because of his conservative voting record, and I'd like to see Mr. Hoffman become his peer.

PS: Since the first draft of this column, Sarah Palin has endorsed Hoffman. This race will be talked about alot before election day, and I'm just catching up. Here are some additional links:

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