Sunday, November 01, 2009

Scozzafava Drops Out of NY 23 Congressional Race, Boosting Hoffman

UPDATED 11/01: "Republican Endorses Democrat in NY 's 23rd CD Race"

It looks like Dede Scozzafava took LEAVWORLD's advice, and dropped out of the special election in NY's 23rd Congressional District. She did the right thing, and deserves credit for doing so. I'm sure it was political pressure that did it, and not anything I wrote. Palin was the first "big name" to endorse the Conservative candidate, Hoffman, and several high-level GOP pols followed her lead. Now, it's a two-way race, with liberal against conservative policies. I can already hear the libs citing this as "the triumph of the Neanderthals" if Hoffman wins. Nothing could br further from the truth. Conservatives are often thoughtful, and principled. The problem all along is that the GOP has drifted away from conservative principles, though the drift could be described as "thoughtful."

It looks as if the "tea party" movement has some legs. What does one call the new generation of conservatives? "Neo-neo conservatives?"Maybe "the Sleeping Conservative Giant That Pres. Obama Woke Up? Whatever it is, it's not really new. It's people getting involved in politics, and it can go in either political direction. I predicted the NYS GOP losses of '06 in a four-part series of columns, before the election. (
link) I feel a similar vibe now, and the pendulum is swinging in the other direction.

Let's go at it, toe to toe, and see who wins. Obama has held fundraisers for the Democrat, and the Conservative candidate "matched up" better against him than the Republican did. It's definitely an interesting election, with both national and local political implications. Stay tuned!

PS: All things considered, Hoffman should run again, next year. I suspect he would win a GOP primary.

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