Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bunning Demonized for Emforcing "Pay-Go" Rule

This WSJ article about Sen. Jim Bunning's thwarting of the unemployment benefit extension is instructive, in that it doesn't once mention the "pay-go" rule, signed by Pres. Obama just weeks ago. The President went on youtube to announce it's passage, explaining that no new spending could go forward, without an offsetting cut in spending elsewhere. Why does no-one seem willing to enforce this law, except one retiring GOP Senator?

It's almost comical, how Sen. Bunning is being attacked by the people who support the law he's basing his objection on. Just weeks ago, they all lined up to claim the mantle of "fiscal responsibility." Now, all that's gone "out the window," apparently. The media are not doing their job, either, if the WSJ article is any indication of the broader coverage of this story.

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