Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Westboro Baptist Cult Targets Adam Lambert, Among Other Patriots

Here's a good reason to like, and support Adam Lambert: He's a target of the infamous Westboro Baptist "Church." They were at it again, recently, at his "Glam Nation Tour" date in North Carolina, after protesting him during the "American Idol" tour last year (LINK). Mr. Lambert has not responded, though he came out and waved to his fans, as the protesters were haranguing them with blowhorns. In fact, he's been nothing but graceful in response to criticism from all corners. (LINK)

He shouldn't bother responding, as this group is so far on the fringe, they don't represent Baptists, or Christians of any stripe. Lambert joins US servicemen who've given their lives in combat, as well as the Amish victims of a gruesome Pa. massacre, as targets of this "cult." I've written about them before (LINK), and when I found out that they were the group protesting Adam Lambert, I had to weigh in on the subject. Here's an excerpt from my previous column about them: "This 'church,' which basically consists of one extended family, preaches hateful rhetoric that is beyond repeating here, except to say that we're ALL going to hell, in their book. They have made a name for themselves by the most vile protests at funerals of Iraq veterans, and are represented by the ACLU in defense of this 'freedom of speech.'"

I want everyone to remember, whenever you hear a report about Adam Lambert being protested by "Christian groups," that the news outlet reporting this is not telling the whole story, if they don't mention the hateful nature of this group. I would also suggest everyone take a listen to Adam's debut CD, "For Your Entertainment," and buy a few extra copies to give to your friends! There's a reason he's become a target, and it's not just about the so-called "controversy" over his American Music Awards performance. He's a great artist, and a supremely talented entertainer. He has the potential for a long and influential career, and that naturally brings out the worst, in some hateful people.


KatieJ said...

This group is a joke. But their actions aren't the least bit funny. Imagine boycotting a singer who only unites others in love. Imagine bringing further torment to families already overcome with the deepest grief. They may be a joke, but my guess is when they finally find themselves face to face with their maker he won't be laughing.
I enjoy your blog, Chris. Keep up the good work!

CHRIS LEAV said...

Thanks for commenting, Katie! I agree with you 100%! You might want to look at the comments from my Gather crossposting of this! It's linked in the title of this post.

It's so interesting that Adam, who is apolitical, gets so much attention, politically. I have to admit to contributing to that, but I'm a "special case," as a conservative blogger, writing in praise of him. The way I see it, Adam Lambert fans cross all political and cultural lines! That's just another reason I LOVE him! LOL!