Monday, October 18, 2010


New York State government has long been known as "dysfunctional," with "corrupt" being a quick second thought. For a long time, people have lost faith in the electoral process, and given in to the left-wing coalition that has a big "ground game." This year is somewhat different. The right-leaning Tea Party movement has become an effective, and organized counter-movement, in most of the nation. As a "Tea Party" proponent, I have to say that we have a long way to go, in NYS.

Let's start with the race for governor, between Carl Paladino, Andrew Cuomo, and several others. My problem with Cuomo is that I already gave the last Democrat "reformer" the benefit of the doubt, and he was thrown out of office! I have serious doubts that Cuomo will do anything to change the "status quo" in Albany. As much as I can't vote for "more of the same," I can't vote for "Archie Bunker" (Carl Paladino), either. Or I can, but I won't give him LEAVWORLD's endorsement! It would be a "protest" vote, because everyone knows that Cuomo will be the next governor.

LEAVWORLD endorses Charles Barron for governor, on the Freedom Party line. I've heard that White people aren't allowed in that party, so I thought they deserved a "token nod," to get that message out there. NY is very tolerant of intolerance. I chose him over Howie Hawkins, Jimmy McMillan, Warren Redlich, and the lovely Kristin M. Davis, who allegedly provided Gov. Spitzer with concubines...

As opposed to the "Goofiness/loudness" of the gubenatorial race, the two senate contests have been "low key," to a degree. Sen. Schumer faces no threat from the valiant Jay Townsend . Sen. Kirstin Gillebrand is in a closer race with Joe DioGuardi. LEAVWORLD endorses both of the challengers, and encourages others to vote for them! OUT WITH THE BUMS!!!

There are two other "statewide" positions on the ballot, this year. The State "Comptroller" and "Attorney General" races are even more important, with the certianty of a Cuomo governorship. Incumbent Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is under investigation, and was hand-picked by the (corrupt) State Assembly, not elected to his office. LEAVWORLD endorses Harry Wilson for NYS Comptroller. We need someone who knows what he's doing, not an Assembly political crony!

I'm scared. Really, I'm scared that Eric Schneiderman may become NYS Attorney General. He beat out the "moderate" Dem candidate, which happened to be LEAVWORLD's local (Nassau County) District Attorney, Kathleen Rice. It matters when the statewide Dems nominate extreme lefties. Fair-minded independents and open-minded conservatives who have been alienated from participating in the political process have to rejoin it! LEAVWORLD endorses Staten Island DA Dan Donovan for NYS Attorney General, enthusiastically! We need a competent person as the AG, not a left-wing ideologue.

Finally, my "local" congressional representative is up for a vote this year, as well. Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy votes in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi, and a lot of people in NY's 4th CD are up in arms about this. I'm reminded of when she took the seat from some "invisible" GOP guy, many years ago. He thought Long Island was a GOP "stronghold," and wouldn't respond to his constituents. Rep. McCarthy finds herself in a similar situation, as a multi-term incumbent with a bad record.

LEAVWORLD endorses Francis X. Becker for congress. I'll trade seniority on committees for a legislator that listens to all of his constituents, not just "contributors." There are alot of us that are "coming back" to, or "just entering" political activity. Many of us are motivated by the failure, in the real world, of our president's version of "change," as enacted by a congressional majority of his own party. Nothing's changed for the average person since Bush's "great crash." Obama, and the Dems say "We're doing much better than we would have been, without the stimulus..." How does that sound? Not good, which is why we need to fire the inept people representing us at all levels of government.

Election day is aproaching, and LEAVWORLD endorses all free market conservatives, with one exception: Charles "anybody but a whitey" Barron, who narrowly beat out Carl "Archie Bunker" Paladino for LEAVWORLD's endorsement (no money was exchanged, I personally assure you). I predict Paladino will get more votes than Barron, LEAVWORLD's endorsement notwithstanding. Perhaps Andrew Cuomo will be the "knight in shining armor" that this state needs, after all...riiight.

Look up the candidates LEAVWORLD has endorsed here. They're not "perfect" candidates. I urge you to vote for them because they are "better" representatives than the ones we have in office. If I can grab the theme that my "Tea Party" Friends profess, "bring in the new!" How far this message will reach in New York State, I can't predict, other than to say it won't be enough to elect "Archie Bunker" (Paladino). I hope to see Jay Townsend, Joe DioGuardi, Harry Wilson, Dan Donovan, and Francis Becker get elected.

Those who do get elected, whether I supported them or not, will be critically analyzed by me, and those "rabble rousing" Tea Party "activists," God bless 'em! I think they'll "keep the heat up" for some time to come, regardless of the political framework. Count me as a supporter of the Tea Party principles!

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