Friday, February 18, 2005


Newly minted DNC Chairman Howard Dean has stepped in it again. Fresh off his "I hate Republicans" statement, he comes out telling the African American caucus that the only way the Republicans could get so many Blacks in a room is if they invited "the hotel staff". He's off to a good start, and it's only been a week. Had he been the Dems' nominee for President, Bush would've gotten double the percentage of Black voters than he got against Kerry. The Dem congressional leaders are disavowing Dean as having "no power over policy", as if that means anything to Joe or Jane swing voter. On a more realistic level, the unified front of Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi is a bland alternative to Howard Dean's boisterous charisma. The battle between them for control of the party will be public and prolonged, as Sen. Hillary slides towards "moderation", waiting to fight for her turn in power. The pieces are set on the board, now let the games begin.

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