Wednesday, February 02, 2005

CONTRARY VIEWS: Good blogs that I differ with.

After mentioning Edmond's blog, it was brought to my attention that I have visited alot of sites that I disagree with also, and I haven't mentioned any of them. The one with the most character is RED STAR COVEN, by a guy named Walton in So. Africa. It's linked in the title, and is worth the read. He's a self described "super-radical, anti-authoritarian communist", and I have to admit our early exchanges were somewhat critical. Though we still disagree on most things, it is fun to find the occasional issue we can find agreement on. Some other blogs that are more straight up anti-Bush or Republican, but are fun to check out, are The Progressive Mind and Bush - Catastrophic Failure for the Common Man & Mother Earth . I recommend them as places to find out what the liberals are blogging about, and to leave tasteful comments NUKING their positions! Enjoy!

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Chris said...

UPDATE: Apparently, the "BUSH'S CATASTROPHIC FAILURE" blog has been deleted! It has to be tough to have a blog by that name in the face of his multiple successes! I can only hope that I had some small part in the demise of this worthless blog! I still miss it for the opportunity it gave me to have at it with a clueless liberal!