Friday, February 18, 2005

BOMBSHELL! IRAN welcomes SYRIA replacing IRAQ in AXIS of EVIL

Following the historic elections in Iraq and the Palestinian Authority, the Axis has responded. The bombing assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri appears to be Syria's application/contribution to the Axis' war against freedom and democracy. On cue, Iran formally welcomed Syria to the "club" with a public declaration of mutual defense. A clearer view of the strategy behind the war on terror would be hard to find. President Bush's liberation of Iraq has brought another "shadow player" out into the open. People who follow events in the Middle East have known of Syria's terror connections for years. However, Pres. Bush did not include Syria in his "Axis of Evil", and has publicly portrayed Syria as being "helpful" in the war on terror. This changed to calling them "not helpful" during and since the Iraq invasion. All this pretense came to an end this week. Any hope that Syria might be diplomatically pressured to turn on the very terrorists it sponsors literally blew up with the attack on Hariri. Lebanon is a puppet state of Syria, and Harari was the puppet government's leading critic. His campaign to get Syria out of Lebanon is what makes them or their agents the most likely suspects. Syria's President Assad immediately blamed it on Israel, but even the talking heads on Al Jazeera reportedly don't take that seriously. There is pressure for an international investigation, which may or may not be a good thing. If the US has a leading role, it could help. If the UN is in charge, be sure we will never know the true culprits. By the accounts I've read, this man Hariri was a good man, and Lebannon's best hope for self-determination and democracy. As I mourn his death, I see the changes he worked for gaining momentum after his violent end. Syria may have gained a relationship with the terrorist mullahs of Iran, but it has planted the seeds for both of their regime's downfall by it's actions in Lebannon.

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