Wednesday, February 02, 2005

WARD CHURCHILL and the LEFT'S BIG PROBLEM: Equating America with EVIL

Ward Churchill is a professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder who wrote a detestable essay comparing the 9/11 WTC victims to "little Eichmanns", a reference to Adolph Eichmann, one of Hitler's main instruments of genocide. This is an educated man, who presumably meant what he wrote. Listening to him in interviews, he stands behind his words. He sees people who worked as chefs and waiters, as well as the high chiefs of finance, as Evil. He is a "Native American" America hater, getting paid by a State government to condemn this whole nation for what? Every evil in the world, apparently. Here's where this "token" radical becoms a problem for liberals, and Democrats in general. The ideology he professes is the same as theirs, just a stone's throw more radical. They will condemn his "Eichmann" remarks, but still think that our Capitalist society "oppresses" the world, and that we deserved 9/11 somehow. Listen to Ted Kennedy's latest remarks, or those of Kerry in his recent "Meet the Press" interview. Both of them mistrust our goals in Iraq, and profess that mistrust to the world every chance they get. They sound like apologists for the war on terror, almost asking for something worse to happen. What happens when a guy like this Ward Churchill gets alot of press is his overall views get examined. This is not flattering when you have 2 Democrat Senators expressing a similar overall view of America very publicly the same week. For too long, liberals have been equating the US with whatever despotic ideology we have faced. The Bush administration is routinely referred to as "Nazi" or "Fascist". Communists were actually infiltrating America from WWII on, spreading propaganda that Socialism was good, and Capitalism was evil. The liberals still haven't recovered from the belief that Capitalism is more evil as Communism was eventually proven to be. They still believe every wrong in the world can find it's root in the US, or some other western Capitalist culture. This is why they will fall into a further minority in coming elections, as they paint themselves closer into the corner with the wrong Mr. Churchill.

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