Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I'm posting to announce a new blog that I will be co-authoring with Magua from LIBERALS SUCK. The blog is the "local chapter" of STOP THE ACLU.COM. This is not like the loose affiliation I have with the BLOG ALLIANCE FOR SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM, where I can't even post (though I support them fully). It's also more responsibility than I have in my open contribution relationship with the LOVE AMERICA FIRST blog. This is a chance to do something I've wanted to do for some time, which is get into the issues that bother me on a national and international level, and write about them on a more local level. The NYCLU is an outrage, infecting our State government so thoroughly that NY has some of the weakest laws against child molesters. New York's recently reinstated death penalty has effectively been thrown out by a court system corrupted by years of NYCLU influence. I intend to find out just how that influence is peddled, which is a huge job, here in the "Corruption Capital" of the liberal interest groups.

This group of blogs is just starting up, and many states have an "under construction" tag on them. Nonetheless, LEAV and MAGUA will be representin' against the NYCLU, and their twisted vision of "civil rights." I must also add that I will not comment on instances that I agree with the A or NYCLU. I believe that the overwhelming percentage of their efforts serve to harm life and liberty in our society, their defense of Rush Limbaugh notwithstanding. I can still give 'em an "attaboy" over here at LEAVWORLD, on the rare occasion that it may be justified (perish the thought!).

So check out my new endeavor over at STOP THE ACLU NEW YORK, and I want to again refer you to FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY, my first post at LOVE AMERICA FIRST. It gives an overview of where I'm coming from, though it kind of rambles, when I reread it now...LOL!

Some things never change!


BobG said...

Good to have you on the team.

John said...

Awesome, I need to add this site to my blogroll. I saw you registered to be a writer at the main site...i really should check that more often. Welcome.

Magua said...

let's kick some liberal butt

Is It Just Me? said...

Good for you. Tear them up!