Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I've got some thoughts for the emerging crowd of pundits and politicians blaming the Liberation of Iraq for the terrorist bombings in London. -You know, many of the same ones who are saying that Pres. Bush is imposing a Taliban-like Christianity on our country. Instead of seeing the London bombings as a reaction to an unprovoked crusade against the Muslim world, let's take a deeper look at what the Islamofascists hate about the West.

First, there's Madonna, Britney, and all the other "whores" (as they're called) that we allow to prance around half-naked in our media, which is increasingly available in Muslim countries throughout the world on satellite broadcasts. Second, all of the homosexuality that we allow, and show off in our media. (The big secret is that there are actually gay Muslims, though "in the closet" doesn't quite do justice to how they must live in areas ruled by radical Islamists.) Third, that we tolerate all religious beliefs, as well as the lack of any. This especially applies to the Jews, but Christians and Hindus are also favorite targets of Islamofacist violence. The fourth reason ties in with the third somewhat: that we have secular laws that supersede religious laws. It is illegal to kill or maim someone in western society for not believing in God, or violating any religious law. In the U.S, one can't just order a fatwa (religious legal decree) calling for someone's death; that's actually a crime in this country, and not protected as freedom of religion.

There are many more reasons, but those were the first four that came to mind. What motivates the terrorists is not our military invasions, but our cultural invasion of the minds of Muslims the world over. One could as easily blame the bombings on western support of Israel, or our continued business presence in Saudi Arabia, as on the Iraq war. Heck, Al Queda cited the expulsion of Muslims from Spain (years 1212-1492) as a factor in the Madrid bombings, which is commonly thought to be "because of Iraq." Who knows what truly motivates the terrorists to commit these acts? What we do know is what their sympathizers rail against in our society, and have since long before the Iraq war.

The irony of this is that if Pres. Bush truly did impose a fascist Christian agenda domestically, we probably wouldn't have a problem with Osama and Al Queda. We would be making women dress like nuns, ban all other religions, ban atheism and agnosticism, secular humanism, homosexuality, and everything else condemned in the Bible as a sin. Imagine a modern Inquisition, mixed with Nazi-style tactics. Line up all the opposition (left wing lawyers/judges, journalists, and especially celebrities), and shoot 'em down. The Islamofascists would simultaneously love, hate, and fear us, but dare not tempt our wrath..

"That" reality is aburd in the context of "our" reality, of course. Pres. Bush is doing no such thing to our country, so we will continue to assault their culture with ours as long as our culture sells in their markets. Just don't confuse the Liberation of Iraq with the underlying reason for all of these Al Queda attacks: KILL ALL WHO OPPOSE SHARIA AS THE SUPREME LAW ON EARTH. Most Muslims disagree with this, and many in Al Queda's leadership don't observe Sharia anyway, making them the ultimate hypocrites. Either way, there is no place for intolerant Islamofascism in the modern global society.

Further, the Liberation of Iraq is creating more support in the Muslim world for the U.S. than support for the terrorists by far. Pres. Bush has started a swelling of freedom throughout the Muslim world, and the media are "less than diligent" in their reporting about it, to be kind. Sweeping changes in world history are often missed by the media of their day, and this is no different. It's been too late to stop this change for longer than the media have ignored it, because it is the evolution of mankind into a collection of free societies. It will take many more wars to get there, but this is the current battle for freedom of individuals. The terrorists have no way to attack us other than by exploiting the freedom of our societies.

I would advise anyone who seeks to put the blame on the U.S. coalition's liberation of Iraq to see the bigger picture. Note the hypocrisy of defending the terrorist enemies of everything that western culture stands for, while demonizing those who made the tough choice to send our sons and daughters out to defend us from those same enemies. If you don't see it this way, you are living in some fantasy alternate reality, probably like the one I described above.



Magua said...

the religion of peace strikes again!!!!!

Rosemary said...

Dear Chris,
Check it out. Tonight's the night President Bush reveals his pick for Supreme Court Justice at 9pm EST (6pm PST) live! Be there! Yippee!