Thursday, September 21, 2006

ACLU Condemns Voter Integrity Act

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Via The ACLU Website:

The American Civil Liberties Union today expressed its
disappointment with the House passage of a bill placing undue and unnecessary
burdens on Americans’ fundamental right to vote. H.R. 4844, the "Federal
Election Integrity Act of 2006," requires voters to present a government-issued
photo ID in order to vote in federal elections. In addition, beginning in 2010
voters would be required to present a photo ID that was issued based on proof of
citizenship in order to vote. The measure passed by a vote of 228-196.

The following can be attributed to Caroline Fredrickson, Director of the ACLU
Washington Legislative Office:

"Less than two months after the renewal of the Voting Rights Act, the House of
Representatives has chosen to pass legislation disenfranchising the very citizens the VRA was designed to protect. No eligible citizen
should have to pay to vote. There are voters who simply don’t have photo ID and
requiring them to purchase one in order to vote would be tantamount to a poll
tax. This measure will disproportionately impact racial and ethnic minority
voters, senior citizens, voters with disabilities, and others who do not have
photo identification nor the financial means to acquire it."

What a load of crap! This ridiculous "poll tax" meme is quickly making its
rounds. Nancy Pelosi has taken the ball with this one and ran with
it headlining with the alarmist title, "Voter ID Bill Is an Attempt to
Suppress the Votes of Millions of American Citizens!

Give me a break! You have got to be kidding! Perhaps they are worried this act
will supress "millions" of illegals and dead people from voting! An I.D. is
required in many of the most basic things in America such as driving a car or even
cashing a check. Please, tell me how all of these poor people that can not
afford to get an I.D. cash their welfare checks?

Rep. Henry Hyde makes the same point.

But Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.), who sponsored the Federal Election
Integrity Act, says requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls "presents no
greater hardship than people face performing everyday activities."

For example, Hyde noted that government-issued photo IDs are required for
driving vehicles, applying for Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, food
stamps, boarding airplanes, entering government buildings, registering at
school, getting student loans, renting movies, and cashing checks.

Given all the cases in which U.S. citizens are asked to produce photo IDs, it
should not be difficult to produce IDs to guard against fraud in the electoral system, Hyde said.

It really isn't surprising that the ACLU would be against making our democratic
process have more integrity. After all, they know which side butters their
bread. They even keep a scorecard on Congress.

The ACLU are involved across the country fighting voter I.D. laws. In Missouri
at least 16 St. Louis area Democrats have been found guilty of election
crimes in the last year and a half! When Republican Gov. Matt Blunt signed a
law requiring voters to provide I.D. the ACLU had to come up with a different
argument than the poll tax crap. Even though Missouri the Missouri law provided
for free photo IDs that voters could obtain before election day
the ACLU represented a group of Democrats to challenge the
law by arguing for a loophole they found stating the law violated a state
constitutional provision against imposing costs on local governments without
providing state funding. So much for the poll tax argument or putting an undue
burden on the poor.

As a matter of fact as Digger's Realm points out:

Those against it are claiming it's a poll tax on the poor,
minorities and elderly and that they can't afford to get a drivers license or
passport. They fail to mention that the bill includes a portion to pay for free
for the poor who can't afford a photo ID.

People can see for themselves. The full text of the bill is here.

ACLU were also involved
in the recent case
against a similar bill in Georgia
that was struck down. It also provided free I.D.s. They also fought voter ID
laws in New Mexico, Michigan, and Indiana. The ACLU has clearly shown its true colors in
support of voter fraud. The only possible reason I can realistically see why
someone would be against this bill is if they actually desire for voter fraud to continue. Once again the ACLU has shown
just how transparent their lie of non-partisanship is. It is clear what the ACLU and
democrats want. They want rights for illegal aliens, dead people, and felons to vote early and often.

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