Wednesday, September 20, 2006

LAMONT'S LAMENT: Another Liberal Flip-Flop Tale...

Poor Ned Lamont. He condemned Sen. Lieberman for condemning Pres. Clinton in 1998, according to the NY TIMES (see link):

"You don't go to the floor of the Senate and turn this into a media spectacle,"
Mr. Lamont said of Mr. Lieberman's remarks eight years ago this month.
go up there, you sit down with one of your oldest friends and say, 'You're
embarrassing yourself, you're embarrassing your presidency, you're embarrassing
your family, and it's got to stop.' " he said.

That was last week. However, back in 1998, Mr. Lamont emailed Sen. Joe these tidbits :

"I supported your statement because Clinton's behavior was outrageous: a
Democrat had to stand up and state as much, and I hoped that your statement was
the beginning of the end," and "We've made up our minds that Clinton did wrong,
confessed to his sin, maybe should be censured for lying -- and let's move

Hey, isn't 1998 around the time MoveOn was founded? Let's see what happens in the general election, but I don't see a bright political future for Mr. Lamont, or any candidate supported by MoveOn.

PS: I know this is a little behind the curve, so to speak. I wrote this 5 days ago, but just posted it here.

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BobG said...

Lamont, Kerry, Clinton, they all don't see anything wrong with having different opinions on a subject depending on which group they're trying to massage. Hypocrisy is a plank in the party platform.