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ACLU's Support For Voter Fraud

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This week the ACLU held its 2006 membership conference. Over 1,500 moonbats from across
the U.S. gathered to listen to the ACLU alarmist exaggerations and lies. The
event was televised on CSPAN and there were some interesting moments such as
when Justice Scalia slam dunked Nadine Strossen
in a debate about the bill of rights.

One of the more humorous highlights of the ACLU's conference this week was when
Bush signed the Military Tribunal Bill into law. The ACLU came up with one of
its most clever and cute full page ads to date in which they claimed to be “the most conservative organization in America.

To highlight concerns with the act, the ACLU took out a full page
advertisement in today’s Washington Post, calling itself “the most conservative
organization in America.” Since its founding, the ACLU has fought to conserve
the system of checks and balances and defend the Bill of Rights.

I guess this claim is technically true. They do more work to "conserve"
political correctness, protections for terrorists and traitors, and judicial
activism than any other organization out there. I guess it all just depends on
what one is trying to conserve.

One thing the ACLU is not trying conserve is a Conservative majority in
Congress. As a matter of fact they are actively working against this. One of
the most honest moments of the ACLU conference was when Caroline Fredrickson
came out in reference to a pending NSA surveillance bill and rooted for the

The eavesdropping bills’ fate in the short, post-election session
that is set to begin next month hinges on whether Republicans lose their
leadership in either chamber, ACLU Washington Office Director Caroline
Fredrickson said in an interview. “If Democrats take control, they won’t let a
bad spying bill get jammed through,” she said.

As if putting out over a dozen political ads opposing
particular candidates wasn't enough to show their partisanship, Caroline just
comes out and says it. What happened to the ACLU's proud claim that they are
wholly non-partisan, neither liberal nor conservative, Republican nor Democrat?”
Nevermind that old cliche slogan, the ACLU now claim they are the most
Conservative organization. So lets look at some of the things they are trying
to conserve this election season.

One thing the ACLU is working to conserve is voter fraud. Conserving the right
to vote for illegal immigrants, convicted felons, and dead people goes right
along with the ACLU's agenda to get dhimmicrats elected this election cycle. The
ACLU expressed its disappointment when the House passed the
Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006,” requiring voters to present a
government-issued photo ID in order to vote in federal elections. In Missouri
at least 16 St. Louis area Democrats were found guilty of election crimes in the
last year and a half and now there is even more fraud going on. When Republican
Gov. Matt Blunt signed a law requiring voters to provide I.D. the ACLU represented a group of Democrats to challenge the law. It was successful in striking down a similar law in Georgia and with the help of the 9th Circuit Arizona as well. They also fought voter ID laws in New
, Michigan, and Indiana. Unfortunately for the ACLU they may not be able to pull things off in time over in Indiana.

A federal appeals court judge says the panel is unlikely to rule on
an Indiana law requiring people to show government-issued photo ID at the polls
before the November seventh election.

The Seventh US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago heard arguments in the case

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana is asking a three-judge panel to
overturn the state law.

ACLU attorney Ken Falk says there's no evidence of the vote fraud that the law
is aimed at eliminating. He says Indiana's requirements to obtain identification
are too cumbersome.

But Thomas Fisher of the Indiana Attorney General's office argued that the ACLU and the Indiana Democratic Party
failed to find a single person who would not be eligible to vote under the

Yes, I guess it is difficult to get dead people to show up at court.

What the ACLU is really seeking to conserve is a 9/10 mindset for America. They
hope to conserve privacy rights for terrorists. They want a Democrat controlled
Congress and they are not ashamed to admit it. They know this is the only way
they can be successful striking down the NSA legislation and other important
terror bills and tools that come may come along. They fear legislation
currently pending in the Senate to strip them of their taxpayer funded
attorney's fees in Establishment Clause cases, and they know a Democrat
controlled Senate is the sure fire way to kill it.

Concerned with illegal immigration? If you think we are not making any progress
now, just imagine the slow down with the Democrats in control. The ACLU will be
right their lobbying against every effort to secure the border. The ACLU's agenda is pushed by more
than just the courts. Want more conservative judges put on the bench? Let the
loony liberals gain power and you can kiss that goodbye as well.

One sure fire way to help the ACLU progress its agenda against America is to
stay at home during election time. Discouraged by the polls? Dan Riehl can help you put things back in perspective. Don't get discouraged and allow the liberals to gain power.

Get out and vote.

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