Thursday, October 05, 2006

The New York Rebublican Massacre 2006, Pt. 1: HILLARY VS. WHO?


In an interview with Gabe Pressman on Sunday (9/24), John Spencer showed why he is unqualified to be elected to the Senate by the voters of NY State. As a nominal Republican, I am ashamed of his performance. Read the interview HERE , but realize that so much more was obvious when watching it. I had never seen Spencer before, though I supported him over the nightmare of K.T. McFarland. Now, I'm not sure which was the lesser of the two.

The Republican Party in NY is a joke, thanks to Gov. Pataki and Joe Bruno. They might as well call themselves "right wing" liberals, with all the worst traits of both. It is no wonder that Hillary found a natural home in this state. It is full of corruption, and constant "liberal reform."

I will still vote for Spencer, unless I can find a Conservative who is not afraid to criticize liberals and liberalism directly. The NY State Conservative Party's Executive Committee has endorsed Spencer , but I've not seen the whole Party endorsement on his website yet. After seeing him interviewed, I share their concerns.

Hillary Clinton is many things, among them an adequate Senator. John Spencer may be a worthy candidate, but he comes off as even more lackluster and pre-programmed than Hillary, if that's possible.

That's this conservative's view of the NY Senate race, at this point.

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