Saturday, October 14, 2006

"HANG UP" HARRY REID, IT'S TIME TO GO! (-or Yes, Talk About Harry Reid)

Democrat Senate Minority leader Harry Reid is in Trouble. "Trouble with a capital "T", And that rhymes with "P" and that stands for Payoff!" (-hat tip to The Music Man.)

I've heard the recording three times already, but I'm sure many others haven't. Sen. Reid, in the middle of an interview, abruptly hangs up the phone, when asked about his shady land deals. The AP has put the scent on him, and many news outlets have perfunctorily covered it, and several liberal papers have editorialized critically about him. It looks like the MSM is in CYA mode (minimal coverage), in case this story has legs.

Rush opened his Friday show by mentioning The Strata-Sphere blog , where he found 18 printed pages of Harry Reid's real-estate transactions, straight from NV. state records. That only scratches the surface, however. Strata rounds up all of the reporting from all news sources, and gives the most in-depth account of this scandal that you will read anywhere, at it's breaking point.

I also saw a video clip of Reid, with weak audio, where he talks about possibly "paying a fine." He's going to be paying more than a fine, if he also willfully violated US laws regarding tax-evasion. His admission of guilt is out there, for anyone to see. He admitted to deserving some sanction. Of course, he's going to "lowball" whatever kind of sanction he will receive. TRANSLATION: "A fine would be nice," said "hang up" (dirty) Harry.

Then there Sen. Reid's son, who helped push through the zoning changes, specifically overriding environmental review, to increase the value of the land. Check out the multiple details of this scandal at this page on The Strata-Sphere blog. It's incredible that this story is not "bursting" into the MSM. Truly incredible. Time will tell.

Also, see John Elder's Gather post on Harry Reid. He lives in NV, and has the privelege of being represented by the Democrat Minority leader. The comments are really funny. John's a man of few words, but he chooses them well.

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