Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The NY Republican Massacre 2006: POST MORTEM

Alas, all of my NYS Republican Massacre 2006 predictions have come to pass. Hillary, Spitzer, Cuomo, and Hevesi have prevailed, in a Democrat sweep. Here's the breakdown:

Senate: Hillary(D) 66.63%, Spencer(R) 31.30%
Governor: Spitzer(D) 69.12% Faso(R) 29.05%

These were expected numbers, with Hillary said to be leaving coat-tails around the state. I'm not sure how Spitzer feels about that report. The Attorney General and Comptroller races provide some valuable insights.

Cuomo beat Pirro 57.56% - 40.04% in the AG race, while Hevesi beat Callahan 56.54% - 39.23% for Comptroller. This shows that corruption was overlooked by the voters in NY, taking a back seat to partisanship. Notice that Pirro got a higher percentage than Callahan, and the Attorney General's race should be more sensitive to scandal allegations.

However, as I noted in my last NYRM 2006 post (pt. 5), Hevesi is gone, buried in scandal. The election result only confirms that the Dems will pick his replacement, probably NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson. Pirro should not be charged with any crime, but the people who leaked the federal wiretap of her conversation with Bernie Kerik should be found, and prosecuted; that was a demonstrable federal offense. I don't have high hopes for that to happen, though.

Excerpt from pt. 2: "I wish she had stayed in the Senate race, to be honest. All of the stuff they could throw at her about her hubby Al would be deflected by comparisons to Bill's philandering and impeachment, as well as Hillary's own scandals (Rose law firm billing records, cattlegate, etc...). It might not be as big an issue." I believe that she would have done better against Hillary than Spencer did, though still losing.

Governor Spitzer is the big dog on the block, now. If he honestly tries to fulfill his promises to "clean up" Albany, I will support him. If he makes the slightest dent in that cauldron of corruption, I'll be surprised.

Excerpt from pt 1: "The Republican Party in NY is a joke."

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