Wednesday, December 27, 2006


With James Brown and Gerald Ford's deaths dominating the headlines, I want to mention Uri Dan, who passed away Sunday in Tel Aviv (NY Times obit.). He was a reporter, and a great one. Eric Fettman has a column about him in the NY POST, which deserves to be mentioned here. I was just a fan, who read his columns every time the Post published them. I had no idea he was sick, because I still would see a column occasionally. He also just published a biography of his longtime freind, Ariel Sharon.

The whole "they come in threes" idea about "famous" deaths is subjective, of course. However, after reading Mr. Fettmans's NY Post column about Uri Dan, I know why I hung on every word of those columns. He was a giant in Israeli journalism. I feel privileged to have read as much of his work as I have over the time he was with the NY Post. He qualifies as a "famous" person to me, personally.

I was struck by the loss I feel over this man whose only image I saw was a tiny b&w photo in my local paper. I feel robbed of a great source of info on the inside workings of the situation in Israel. The NY Post will get another Israel correspondent, but there will never be another Uri Dan.

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