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We have to face it folks. The new Democrat Congress does NOT want to hear from the people. They are tired of us sending them emails because a Grass Roots Lobbying Organization has called, written or emailed us to tell us of an issue that they think will be of concern to us.

I have seen info posted on Gather as a result of these Grassroots orgs on issues ranging from family values to the environment; to the political process itself, and to illegal immigration. Grassroots lobbying is the ONLY way we the people can sort through all of the legislation and then let our elected representatives know what we think on a particular issue. To quote Carly Simon: "That's the way I've always heard it should be."

It doesn't matter if your issue is Gay Rights or Global Warming, CONGRESS WANTS TO SHUT US OUT OF THE PROCESS. How? By making the reporting requirements for Grassroots Lobbying Groups so onerous that many will go out of business. Similar restraints are not being placed on the high-priced DC lobbying firms - JUST THE ONES THAT GET THE INFORMATION TO US AND ENCOURAGE US TO PARTICIPATE.

This is important. The House tabled their version of the bill after many complaints. We need to get the Senate to do the same. Contact your Senator and let him/her know what you think about this bill.

I am linking to the AFA review of the section flollowed by the actual language of the bill as posted by Thomas, the legislative website. I know that most of you (Gather members) hate the AFA but theirs is the most cogent review I have received. It doesn't just affect religious issues - it is the environment, money for the war, illegal immigration. I repeat - THIS AFFECTS US ALL!

American Family Association Review: Review of Senate Bill 1 (Section 220)

Proposed Language of the Bill as Posted on Thomas

Truer words can not be said, Nanci!

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