Thursday, January 04, 2007


I'm a big fan of the National Center for Public Policy Research, and have a link to their blog on my blogroll. Here's a roundup of some of their latest dispatches:

Letting Medicare 'Negotiate' Drug Prices: Myths vs. Reality
Letting Medicare negotiate drug prices means putting price controls on prescription drugs. It also would mean higher health insurance costs for the private sector, less pharmaceutical research and development, fewer new drugs and lower quality of life for Americans. Go here.

Do Minimum Wage Increases Benefit Workers and the Economy?
The Left contends that minimum wage increases benefit the economy, but the job-killing effect of higher mandatory minimum wages is well documented. Go here.

Black Activists Criticize Use of Taxpayer Funds to Buy New NAACP Headquarters
"Given the District's precarious financial state and its trouble with education and transportation budgets, it's outrageous to use taxpayer money to subsidize the NAACP's relocation," says Project 21 Fellow Deneen Moore. Go here.

Congressional 'Reform' Proposal Would Regulate Ordinary Citizens More Harshly than K Street Lobbyists
A bill is being crafted for Speaker Nancy Pelosi that would treat communications to the general public more harshly under lobbying disclosure law than actual lobbying conducted by high-priced K Street lobbyists. Go here.

'Convict Quotas' Coming to DC?
The City Council of the District of Columbia has unanimously approved a proposal to make ex-cons a protected class under civil rights law. Go here.

I find them a great resource, and very thought-provoking. I can't say enough about their blog, produced by the awesome Amy Ridenour! Go check it out!

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