Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Terrorist Returned To US

BobG from Sweet Spirits of Ammonia has this tidbit:

The FBI has taken an American citizen, Daniel Maldonado, into custody. He is being charged with receiving terrorist training by Al-Qaeda in Somalia and with conspiring to use an explosive device.

Maldonado, also known as Daniel Aljughaifi, was captured by the Kenyan military and turned over to US law enforcement. When apprehended, he was fleeing the Ethiopian and Somali government forces battling the islamomaniacs of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic Courts Union in Somalia.

He faces life imprisonment if convicted on the bomb-making charge. The penalty should be death, just as he planned for others.

More at FOXNews.


What does one make of this guy Maldonado, nee Aljughaifi? Is he just another "misguided soul," who went to Somalia with "good intentions?" I can predict some of that in future reporting. Still, his being in Somalia, and the undeniable connection of the people he was working for with Al Queda doesn't bode well for this young man. This is a new area of law, since most of the charges are violations of the PATRIOT act. Look for liberal groups like the ACLU to defend him.

I agree with BobG's sentiments, but it seems that additional charges would have to be brought to merit the death penalty. I'm skeptical of that happening in this case.

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