Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Terrorism in the U.S.A, and Slanted Reporting

I've seen this so many times, it hardly suprises me any more. A terrorist attack by a Muslim in a Salt Lake City mall is called something else (1 BobG). Over the years, the MSM have willfully played down numerous individual attacks as not being influenced by Wahabbi ideology.

Another example of this MSM non-reporting was just exposed by the
NY Daily News. It seems that the Empire State Building attack in 1997 was terrorism, according to the suicide attackers' wife. She says now that she was told to deny his terrorist motive afterward by the Palestinian Authority, so that the "peace process" would not be threatened (2 BobG).

Now there's the cab driver, who got into an argument with his passengers "over religion," and ended up trying to run them over (
3 Malkin). Could they have been arguing about Islam? Is this not terrorism based on fanatical Islamic faith? What sect(s) of Islam promote this hideous ideology?

The Wahabbis, and the Khomenists are the leading purveyors of this type of terrorism, though there are many smaller groups that are spreading the "kill Americans and Jews" line. The problem is that our media refuse to acknowledge that we are being attacked by Islamic terrorists on a different scale; a much smaller one than 9/11.

Does anyone remember the 1994 shooting of a Hebrew School mini-bus, on the Brooklyn bridge? I remember it NOT getting alot of MSM attention (
4 NY Times). A school van with 4 Jewish kids was shot up by a terrorist, killing Ari Halberstam. I know Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) remembers this. He said so in a press release letter he wrote to the FBI on Jul. 23, '02.

If you didn't read the link, Rep. Weiner urges the FBI to investigate the El Al shooting at LAX as a terrorist attck. Yes, this was another attack against innocent civillians on U.S. soil. He reminds them not to make the same mistakes they made in 1994, initially calling the B'klyn bridge attack "road rage."

Here's an excerpt from the PBS Newshour on the EL AL shooting (
5 PBS.org):

In a press conference, Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn said there was no
indication that the shooting was connected to terrorism and that it appeared to
be an isolated incident.

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said Thursday that Israel would help
the U.S. find those responsible for what Israeli officials were quick to call a
"terrorist attack."

There is more: The college kid who ran down a bunch of students; the Jihaddist-influenced D.C. snipers, and many others. There are US citizens that hate this country as much as our worst enemies, and they are working with them, in many areas. The AP is a great example. These idiots pick up press reports that are packaged by Al Queda, Hamas, or other terrorist groups on an almost daily basis (6 Bookworm).

How does that contrast with their lacking complete coverage of domestic Islamic terrorism? Someone, or group of people is behind the "soft-pedaling" of the terrorist intentions behind these "small" attacks by "lone wolf" individuals in the MSM, and the federal government. It could be as simple as the fact that they don't want to be called "Islamophobic."

When will the MSM wake up? After the people do. The good news is that more are waking up, and not watching or reading the liberal MSM these days. Terrorists are called terrorists in the new media, because some media voice had to say it. It's the truth.

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Loren Coleman said...

I don't think you have to be a conservative or a liberal to ask questions abou the kind of reporting that occurs in the wake of such shootings.

I still have questions about the early indications that the targeted group for the Sept. 13, 2006, shooting at Dawson College were students in the locally called "Jew Cafe":


Loren Coleman, author
The Copycat Effect (Simon and Schuster, 2004)