Thursday, June 21, 2007

Double Whack on Giuliani: Hill and Bloomy "Make Their Intentions Known"

Well, whaddaya know? Bloomberg has quit the Republican party. What does this mean? It means that he wants to run for president, with somewhat more credibility than Ross Perot had in '92. The question is "who will he hurt more," the Repuplican or Democrat candidate? The answer is that he will hurt the Democrat more, unless the Republican candidate is Rudy Giuliani. Rudy is the only candidate who is truly vulnerable to Bloomberg's "moderate" Republican image, which was a sham from the start, to be honest. Rudy's support with moderates rests on his stance on abortion and gay rights, and Bloomberg is his equal on these issues to most "moderates," of either party.

Plus, Bloomberg doesn't have to win, to defeat Rudy. He just has to siphon off enough votes as an "independent" to give Hillary, or any Dem that doesn't self-destruct a victory. Where Perot peeled off votes from GHW Bush's conservative base, or a part of it, Bloomy could take off the vaunted "swing voters" that may have liked Rudy more than some likely Democrat candidates.

You know who I'm talkin' about, right?

In case you don't, let me mention the new commercial by the Hillary campaign, spoofing the "Sopranos" finale. It all seems light-hearted, except for the glaring Italian-American gangster, played by the actor who played "Johnny Sack," a character who died of cancer on the HBO series. This is a double slap at Giuliani, who famously dropped out of the NY Senate race against Hillary because of colon cancer. The scary Italian gives Bill and Hil a menacing look of disgust, and the threat of physical violence is supplied by the parallels to the final scene of the "Sopranos" show, which was a topic of great debate last week.

Bloomy's quitting the GOP is giving cover to Hillary's thinly disguised ethnic attack on her biggest opponent, in the news. The "Clinton/Sopranos" commercial is being reported, but not critically. The Clinton machine won't be stopped, and they seem to have Bloomberg's unwitting (?) help, just as they had Perot's in Bill's day. ABC's overnight news has been running clips of Perot, back to back with stories of Bloomberg's "independent" departure from his adopted party, between replaying Hill's "Sopranos" commercial.

I want to see where this all ends up. It's getting ugly, early.

PS: I posted this on Gather last night, and today these two stories split the front page of my hometown paper, the NY Post. They didn't try to tie them together, as I did in this post. The part about Bloomy covering Hil's "ethnic attack" may be a reach, but the look in Vince Curatola's eyes as he glares at them is a direct reference to the "hate Clinton" crowd. They are hoping that this will inspire a "backlash" of goodwill, similar to what Bill got in his impeachment days.

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