Sunday, June 17, 2007


Should there be a great tax revolution in the US? The cost of full compliance with tax laws is often greater than the penalty for violating it in some way. I'm talking about finding a way to tax the "off the books" economy, which involves not only illegal immigrants, but an equal, or greater number of legal citizens. There is also the issue of farm subsidies, and other corporate welfare. Don't get me started about the theft of Social Security tax revenue, putting it into the general fund, because that gets into the spending side! Taxpayers who live in high-tax states like NY should be on the front lines of this battle, because we have some of the most regressive taxes in the nation, such as the cigarette tax. Imagine how hard it is for a poor person to afford seven dollars a day for cigs, when they want them more than food? The worst part is that the government makes more off of a pack of cigs than the tobacco company, but still has the balls to sue them for "health care" costs of indigent smokers. They haven't even spent the settlement revenue on health care! That's why I'm talking about another tax revolution. The lying and cheating that is enshrined in our tax code needs to be demolished. The breaking of any of these wide-ranging scandals could be the next "big thing." I'm patiently prodding for the next big "break," and hoping for a revolution.

When it comes, don't say I didn't predict it.

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