Friday, November 30, 2007


I was going to write about today's NY Daily Snooze double-page spread on the GOP YouTube debate, which didn't mention the "plant" situation once (the Post was sold out at two stores). Instead, I'm publishing this rambling rant, on the wider story.

For those who don't know, more than 4 of the question videos that CNN selected were from open supporters of Democratic candidates, and the story's still breaking. One, Keith H. Kerr, is on Hillary's LGBT steering committee in California. He was flown into CNN studios, to ask follow-up questions. He looks like a "plant," but it's growing into what Michelle Malkin calls "foliage." (Read her lead story for all the updated details)

Edwards, Obama, and Richardson supporters also were selected, as evidenced in their own YouTube profiles, in some cases. One guy participated in the Democratic YouTube debate, so they had to know his political affiliation. We're talking overwhelming bias, that can't be called a "random oversight." Why would CNN have Democrats asking questions of candidates in a Republican primary race; especially committed supporters of specific Democratic candidates?

I hate to digress, but didn't all of the Dem candidates boycott the Fox News/ Congressional Black Caucus debate, under the flimsy excuse of "political" bias? What if CNN had been found to have Romney, Giuliani, and McCain supporters' questions asked of the Dems, back in the July YouTube debate? Would this be a bigger story, and wouldn't heads roll at CNN? These are fair questions.

I've read alot of commentary about "who knew what," most of it absolving Anderson Cooper. I agree with that, but the producers of this debate should be held to account, and how these people got selected should be exposed. This is not asking too much, in light of the sensitivity over media "bias" these days.

I only watched a few minutes of the debate, but the people I saw seemed to be "extreme" right wingers. I saw a guy with a gun, who asked what kind of guns the candidates own! I have to admit I laughed out loud, but what kind of question is that, for a presidential primary debate? CNN has proved again how "in the tank" they are for the Democrat/liberal political agenda, with their selection of video questions.

CNN does no service to the Dems, with overt support like this. People are skeptical of the media already, and CNN is just playing into this storyline. As I listen to, and read partisan leftists "rage on" about Fox News, the NY Post, and the Daily Sun, among other News Corp. media, I have to laugh. All that liberal drivel is now biting CNN in the butt, as they get caught exhibiting bias to a higher degree than they often accuse Fox News of.

The facts are that the NY Post blasts Republicans as often as Dems, proportionately, when they screw up; there are just more Dems to bash in NY. Further, Fox News asked tough questions of the Republicans, when they hosted debates. Finally, Bush gets raked over the coals as much as anyone, though he gets praise for his accomplishents, from both of these "fair and balanced" news outlets, even in their editorial and analysis pieces.

As for CNN, Glenn Beck should be in charge of their whole network, if they want to turn their overall ratings around. He was honest enough to interview Michelle Malkin about this controversy, which brings up a final question: Is it political bias, or bias against integrity and honesty, that keeps Glenn on CNN "Headline News" channel, instead of CNN?

Maybe both.

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