Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Sen. Clinton's strategy of trying to win the popular vote total, as well as the large "Democrat-leaning" general election states was surely bolstered by her decisive win in PA Tuesday night. She was outspent by a huge amount, and Obama was leading in at least one pre-election poll. If I can make a betting analogy, the line was "coming down" on her win margin. Last week, it had to be "double digits," but by Monday, the "line" was down to 7, because of a few screwy polls that threw the averages off.

Obama and Clinton both probably had access to better polling, which showed Clinton winning around her actual margin of victory, which was 10%. That's why Obama was in Indiana Tues. night. This win cements the ongoing success of Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos," which is an effort to make this primary as chaotic, divisive, and damaging to the Democratic party, before the general election.

Before you start laughing, or getting ticked off, think about this: there were around 200,000 Republicans who switched to Democrats leading up to this primary. I'm sure a percentage of them voted for Obama, but I wouldn't trust any "exit poll" for that information. Either way, Sen. Clinton won by just over a 200,000 vote margin. Republican "covert agents" had to be a part of that margin. (I wish I could be one of them, even though Nora Ephron calls them "racist White men" - see Charles Signorile's post for link and good analysis.)

Democrats are getting what they asked for, when they created their primary nomination process. Hillary will fight until the end, on every front. No one can dispute that this is the most interesting primary race in recent history, and the precedents it breaks. I'm just sitting back, and enjoying the show.

This is a struggle for control of the Democratic party, between the Clintonistas, and, which backs Obama. The funny part is that Sen. Clinton is the "moderate" in this fight, while Sen. Obama continues to have a growing list of "anti-American" supporters. While he can't control this, it is a legitimate area of inquiry. I'm not saying Sen. Clinton is any better; I just know what to expect from her. (Pardons of FALN terrorists, etc.) If she's OK with that, I shudder at what things Pres. Obama would contemplate. (Jimmy Carter redux.)

PS: Of course, I'm biased for Hillary, because my girlfriend is in the tank for her. We'll argue enough in the general election, so it's a good thing that I suport her primary candidate, whatever my motivation. GO HILLARY! (see WAR MACHINE image)

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Sun Tzu said...

It is obvious that Operation Chaos is having some impact on this election, but what impact? What is Rush's strategy for Operation Chaos? Is the Republican Party going to be better off in November because of Operation Chaos?? Operation Chaos-Practice Your Strategic Thinking