Friday, April 04, 2008


It's been hard to keep up with all of the developments following the fall of Gov. Spitzer. This story isn't just about "client 9," or sex with hookers. It's about a pattern of abuse of power, starting from "day one." Those who aided and abetted his abuses are now feeling the heat, in the fallout from last year's "DIRTY TRICKS" scandal (link to my last post on it). This is a brief overview of the different ongoing investigations.

We'll start with Albany DA David Soares. In addition to the problems with his current investigation (link), the State Investigations Commission is "investigating the investigations. We are seeking to determine the efficacy of the various investigatory efforts," according to SIC Chairman Alfred Lerner (link to NY Post story). This is something LEAVWORLD has been calling for, and I'm glad to see it happen.

Next, and potentially bigger, is AG Andrew Cuomo's investigation into the NY State Police. Gov. Paterson has given him subpoena power, and granted him authority for a full investigation of political corruption in the State Police. This predates Spitzer, but was exposed by his use of the State Police to spy on Sen. Majority Leader Bruno. Cuomo's investigation is already being compared to the Knapp Comission, of "Serpico" fame (link to NY Post story). AG Cuomo can ride this one right into the Governorship, if he does it right. That motivation gives me confidence in the thoroughness of his investigation.

There are several other loose ends yet to be tied up, such as the Albany Times-Union/NY Times angle, and all of Spitzer's co-conspirators, many of whom are resigning their state positions.(link NYP). There's also the question of the predecessor to the SIC, which apparently did no investigation, while claiming to. I'll be following up on all of these, and more, in successive posts. I hope you stay tuned, because each aspect of this scandal is exposing different types of corruption. "Exposing it," in itself, won't end it, but it's a start. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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