Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Celebration: What Family Is About

I often mention my lovely liberal girlfriend Anna on this blog. She bought me the coolest digital camera for my 46th birthday, last month. Here are some photos from our Mother's Day celebration. Anna's one of those liberals who's proud to display our nation's flag. I took this picture of myself at her door, holding the camera at arm's length.

"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, ANNA! I LOVE YOU, MY HONEY!" I don't have adequate words to describe what Anna means to me (but I'll try, of course! lol). I don't know how I ever met a woman with such beauty, brains, and heart. I thank God every day for the love we share. Other than my late parents, no one else has been as important in my life.

Anna's mom, Giovanna, and Anna's daughter, Jasmine. They've welcomed me as family, and I love them, too! I hope everyone reading this had as wonderful a Mother's Day as we did.
See my previous posts about my own late mother, Jo Hurt, and listen to a clip of her singing the song "Zip," in the Broadway production of "Pal Joey." I still miss her every Mother's Day, as well.

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