Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama KO's Hill in NC, Loses Indiana by Razor Thin Margin: Operation Chaos Continues

Sen. Barack Obama took another definitive step towards the Democratic nomination last night, beating Sen. Clinton by 15% in NC, while losing Indiana by less than 2%. He has taken on the full force of the Clinton machine, and beat the expectations. Does this cement his nomination? Like cement, his road to the nomination has been solidifying with all of his victories, but it's had it's share of stresses, and faults. Last night's results were a "solidifying" event. It may even help with the stresses, and faults his campaign has experienced.

I have been, and will continue to be critical of Sen. Obama's positions, but his political skills are to be admired. He has weathered the "Wright" storm, and emerged victorious, at least in one of these two states. His close margin in losing Indiana may show a rebound trend as well, but there aren't many primaries left to trace any "trend" in. It's Sen. Obama's nomination to lose, and has been for some time, as Dick Morris so frequently points out.

As a Limbaugh fan, I suppose I have to mention his Operation: Chaos plot, which has been asking Republicans to vote for Hillary in the Democratic primaries, lately. Many people think that Rush just supports Clinton because he thinks she's easier to beat in the general election. That is not his (or my) purpose. Rush's real purpose is for these two to beat each other up as much as possible, because McCain will not go as far as either of these two will, in attack ads. He doesn't care which one wins, and certainly doesn't have a "crush" on Hillary, as she coyly said the other day.

Either way, his help did keep her from certain loss in Indiana, though many Republicans may have voted for Obama, as well. Not all Republicans listen to Rush, and some don't like him at all. I'd call it a wash in Indiana, and a non-factor in NC. The whole thing is kind of a "media experiment," which is something Rush does from time to time, on his program. If Hillary was winning, he would be rooting for Obama. He called a temporary suspension of the plot, after Hill's big win in PA, though it only lasted a day or two.

At this point, all that Sen. Clinton can do is try to lose gracefully, even as she takes it to the convention. Congrats to Sen. Obama, for a hard fought victory.

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