Monday, June 30, 2008

LOOK OUT, EL PRESIDENTE! Venezuelan Women Hath Wrath, and Political Power!

I dislike Hugo Cavez at least half as much as his ex-wife does, but only because I don't know him, personally! From John Fund, at the WSJ op-ed page:

Now Mr. Chávez has trouble on the domestic front. Marisabel Rodríguez, the former first lady of Venezuela whom Mr. Chávez divorced in 2004, announced she will run for mayor of one of Venezuela's most important cities in November local elections. She will run as an opposition candidate because she wants to "change the face and way of doing politics in this city and this country," she told reporters.

The candidacy of Ms. Rodríguez, a public relations executive, will no doubt revive stories about the couple's messy divorce. She is apparently a past master at psychological warfare against her ex-husband. "Marisabel doesn't hesitate to talk about Chávez on TV while holding their daughter, and that is the kind of tactic the opposition likes because to fight a media figure like Chávez you need to shock people in some way," says Arturo Serrano, a political scientist, told Britain's Guardian newspaper.

Will he kill her, or will she bring "justice" to the Venezuelan political system? Stay tuned for more episodes of "As The World Turns." Thanks, Mr. Fund. All kidding aside, this is an issue of some importance, if it means a "safe haven" for Chavez' political opponents. This may not happen, but let's see how she does in the mayoral election. Before I cheer her on, I wonder: Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Does she really stand for democracy, freedom, and human rights, or is she just trying to get her "piece of the pie?" Mr. Fund doesn't answer that question. I hope she's the real deal.

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