Friday, June 06, 2008

OBAMA Vs. McCAIN: Who's Worse For America?

Here's a list of reasons I don't want to vote for Sen. McCain:

His anti-American "campaign finance reform" law, which flies in the face of the first amendment.

His position on illegal immigration. I don't buy his "conversion" on this issue, or his promises of securing the Mexican border first.

He's buying into the whole "man-made global warming" scheme, and thinks the US government can alter it, if it was true.

He really doesn't understand economics. If he did, he would've supported Bush's tax cuts from the "get-go." I believe he won't let them expire, but he may be open to other, brand new tax increases.

I worry that his years of Senate experience, "reaching out" to, and "compromising" with liberals on the above issues, among others, will carry over into his Presidency. He may get their support for his foreign policy (which I generally agree with) by giving the libs free reign over domestic issues.

I still intend to vote for McCain, though I'm sure I can (and will) add to the list of differences and problems I have with him. When I look at Sen. Obama, I see an empty suit, and many more reasons not to vote for him:

He wants to increase taxes to "save" Social Security, instead of offering "private accounts" to people that want them. I don't see any "change" in that policy from traditional liberal dogma.

His lack of foreign policy experience is my greatest concern. I see a whole bunch of "world leaders" waiting to have him for breakfast. His citing of JFK's meeting with Kruschev shows a deeper flaw in his logic, and/or lack of knowledge of political history.

He is an unmitigated, radical liberal. He has a list of positions that contradict the majority of Americans' opinions, including some of the things I cited against Sen. McCain, above. In addition, Obama supports sex education for Kindergarten! Obama sought the endorsement of the Marxist Party in 1996! Obama has a huge anti-gun record. (Hat tip STACLU) In other words, the liberal agenda will be fully supported by President Obama.

His 20 year association with the Trinity United Church of Christ is of great concern to me. Any church that allows such anti-American, anti- semitic, and anti-white hatred to be spewed from their pulpit is not a place to "find Jesus Christ." It seems as if Sen. Obama has "tolerated" this hate speech for some time, but doesn't tolerate discussion of it by people who are disgusted by it.

As much as Sen. McCain has "reached out" to work with liberals, I have not seen Sen. Obama "reach out" to conservatives, on any ideologically divisive issue. If I were still a liberal, I would love Sen. Obama, and gladly vote for him (heck, I'd be shouting "stick it to the man!"). He's wedded to his leftist ideology, and has only recently shown signs of breaking with it. Sen. McCain has been all over the ideological map, over many years. I see him as more of an ideological "crap shoot" than Sen. Obama, but a safer bet for our national security.

Let the battle begin, and may the best man win (sorry, Sen. Clinton).

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