Thursday, February 12, 2009

NIGHTLINE'S Terry "Moron" Only Half-Witted, but Totally Tilting to the Left..

"There are no stupid questions" is an old adage I remember from my youth. It's good advice for children, but the anchor of ABC's NIGHTLINE program should be held to a somewhat higher standard. Terry Moran recently interviewed Pres. Obama, and asked the following questions:

Why not just nationalize the banks?


-why shouldn't you just fire the executives who wrecked these banks in the first place and tanked the world's financial system in the process?

Let's look at these questions, one at a time. Does Terry Moran think that nationalizing the US banking system is a viable option, if even possible? This nation is the heart of capitalism. He might as well have asked "Why not just kill all the capitalists?" The second question is even stupider, because the banks are not "nationalized," so the president has no power to fire any CEO's, even if they took "bailout" money. Mr. "Moron" may think Obama can do these things, but he can't.

I'm sorry to say it, but this level of ignorance is rather common among network news people. That's among the reasons they're losing viewers to other news sources. In Moran's defense, he did get at least one point right, when he said: The Republican argument is that you and Nancy Pelosi are using the need for a stimulus bill as an excuse to jack up spending under a traditional liberal Democratic agenda. That's why he gets credited as a "half-wit," instead of "witless."

Hat tip to Rush Limbaugh, and Newsbusters' blogger Scott Whitlock for the transcript. (link)

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CHRIS LEAV said...

He's shown that he can remove CEO's, since I wrote this. This is not a good thing, and has taken the power of the government to regulate private sector to a new level. Companies that haven't taken government money are now falling under this expanded "penumbra" of anti-capitalist control.