Friday, February 06, 2009


I tried to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt, in the time between the election and his taking office, that he wouldn't govern as a typical "tax and spend" liberal. After two weeks in office, he has just raised my taxes by over $200 a year, ostensibly to "give health care" to children of people that may make more than I do.

Is this his idea of "personal responsibility?" I've never depended on the government for my health care (save for during my military service), and I've been responsible enough not to father any children, because I've never been married. Why does being a smoker make me responsible for children's health care? Even under the twisted logic of "we're all responsible" for providing it, then why am I "more" so?

On top of this, President Obama is pushing hundreds of billions of dollars in deficit spending, most of which is of dubious "stimulative" value. Anticipation of this was among the reasons I didn't vote for him, and he has confirmed my worst expectations, so far. It only took him two weeks to start picking my pocket, and I'm one of those lower middle class people that he promised to "help." I can't wait to see how he "helps" get our nation out of this recession.

The "honeymoon" is over. I have to oppose his "tax and spend" policies as vocally as I can. If America is to succeed, our president may have to fail.

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