Friday, February 19, 2010

Passing Rants As If They Were Gas!

I had to post a bunch of passing rants, this week.

If the scientists now admit that "climate change" science isn't settled, "man-made global warming" theories should be pulled from primary school cirricula; secondary schools must present both sides of the issue with equal scientific weight; and university grants must be equal for scientists who are skeptical of this theory. Anything less is a political perversion of science education.

Why did the President say that the stimulus (Recovery Act) bill he signed last year made "a second depression no longer a possibility?" It looks as if he's confusing it with the TARP "bank bailout," which he "inherited" half of from Pres. Bush, and adopted the claim of avoiding a depression. However, the President is not trying to sell us another TARP bill, yet. Right now, he's trying to sell us another "stimulus" bill, under the banner of "job creation." I don't know if he thinks we're all dumbasses, or just that enough of us are, for him to get away with this. Does anyone know what would've happened if TARP had not passed? Does anyone think a economic depression is now "not a possiblity?"

Mayor Bloomberg calls his closing of Broadway in Times and Herald Squares a "success," because traffic times are somewhat shorter, though not as much as projected. The real reason traffic times are down is that we're in a recession, and there are thousands fewer vehicles on the streets than before he implemented his "green" vision on an unwilling city. Bus and subway ridership are down, as well as vehicle traffic. How exactly does he see this as a "success," when it's a failure in the eyes of the people and businesses most directly impacted by it? When will Bloomie's ultra-rich peer group start congregating, and spending money there? NEVER.

New York State needs a Chris Christie. Andrew Cuomo is not the answer to NY's corruption/fiscal crisis. Giuliani stepped off, so we need a "no name" challenger, preferably from the "tea party" movement. Following Christie's lead, a conservative can win, even in NY, this year. Even over a Cuomo.

Caterpillar is a big company that Obama claimed would start rehiring workers last year, if the stimulus bill was passed. They distanced themselves from that, shortly before it was passed. Now, they've dropped out, along with BP and Conoco, of a group promoting "cap and trade." They were upset that Pres. Obama used them politically on the stimulus bill, and felt that their association (money) this time was being used to "pass anything," instead of influencing what was actually passed. This is a big problem: politicians take the payoff, and don't deliver. Government is like the biggest form of the Mafia; they can say "so what you gonna do?" -and nobody does anything...until they do something.

Even conservative groups are caught up in the fiscal corruption of "pay to play." Some time ago, I read a column about a dispute between UPS and FedEx, with government regulation square in the middle of it. Yesterday, I read that a conservative group asked FedEx for two or three million dollars to support their side, through their members. This is as disgusting as anything that sickened me of "organized" liberals. I've never taken a dime from any organization for my support, and I like to say whatever I think, without worrying who I might offend.

NY CORRUPTION deserves a whole post of it's own, but let's start with this: it's the only state in the nation that allows elected officials to create "non- profit" corporations, or have family members do so. They are allowed to steer hundreds of thousands of tax dollars into these "non-profits," which often do nothing but re-route the money back to the political benefactor. One simple "reform" could change this: Ban elected representatives from having any ownership, or connection to any non-profit group. The reaction to this proposal would identify more corrupt NYS pols than the state could prosecute, but the voters might "pick up the slack" at that point.

Some slick Bronx politician wants to freeze rents of "rent-controlled" apartments for the next ten years. Can anyone tell me why this is such a bad idea? Here's a hint: this bill has no chance of passing, and the sponsor is complicit in voiding the Bronx Armory mall-conversion project, killing thousands of jobs over "prevailing wage" requirements. He doesn't want his constituents to have jobs, and he wants to force their landlords to lose money on their property for another decade. He must be slick, to screw everybody so badly, and keep getting elected!

An Obama supporter kills three people over a bad "tenure" hearing. A Democrat Congressman resigns, not wishing to discuss his role as the prosecutor who cleared her of shooting her brother three times as "an accident." Is she as crazy as the IRS plane bomber? I don't know. Who will get more coverage, from a political angle? Probably the airplane guy, but I'd like to know more about the "progressive liberal" terrorist, if they're both "lone wolves." We need to understand how to stop acts like these, regardless of where the idea comes from.

These are a few of my opinions to chew on, and you can decide for yourself if I've got a point, or not. What do you think? (Keep it to yerself, OR DON'T, thanx)

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