Monday, February 08, 2010

Will Obama Become a Cliche?

From GITMO to "health care reform," our president has painted himself into a corner, repeatedly. This image was from an unrelated project about CLICHES, and it happened to fit.
Pick your favorite issue, and tell us how he's done this, on it! Let's see, he's committed to another "stimulus" bill, which is opposed by a majority of independent voters. He's promised to move the 9/11 terrorist trials out of NYC, but insists that they still be tried in federal criminal courts, while guaranteeing a guilty verdict. Sheesh! Talk about bad ideas!
How about that "open, transparent" government? Brian Lamb from CSPAN cornered him on that one, showing the falseness of his rhetoric. Yes, our president has "painted himself into a corner" in more ways than I can count! Help me out, here!

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