Sunday, April 04, 2010

God Bless Joe Biden, For Motivating the Opposition

If we didn't know already, Vice President Joe Biden reminded us that passing health care reform is a "BIG (F-bomb)-ING DEAL!" Thanks, Joe! Of course, he used the profanity in praise of Obama, so it's not like when Cheney said "go (f-bomb) yourself" to some Democrat Senator. Personally, I find both comments unremarkable, but for the fact that they've been remarked about.

I could rightly argue that Cheney was somewhat more discreet, only being on the Senate floor. Also, let's be honest; Biden is a serial offender, when it comes to sticking his foot in his mouth, surpassing even Pres. Bush's famed malapropisms.

For some reason, this endears Joe to most people. I have to admit, I like the guy, though I consider him an old-school "hack" politician, who rode Obama's coattails. He's got to be enjoying this, or he wouldn't have made that comment, at such an inappropriate moment.

So God Bless Joe, for giving us a peek at the "hack" mentality of shoving through unpopular legislation. It sounded as if Biden thinks this is like making the playoffs, to use a sports analogy. Now, they can build on this momentum, to win further victories, over public opposition. I feel bad for him, if that's what he thinks.

He was right, though. This was a "big deal," to paraphrase him. It's a big deal to the people who opposed it all along, and the people who want to repeal it now. We're going to replay your comment, and it will keep us motivated for a long time.

Joe Biden is priceless, for both political and comedic entertainment. Sometimes he helps his own party, but more often he helps the comedy writers, and the GOP. Ya gotta love him!

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